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Ancient cities were transformed into megapolises. Corporations and holdings have replaced manufacturing. Only time and technologies were needed for this alteration. We create technologies to make Your future even more comfortable.

Every day discovering and inventing something new, the man set himself challenging goals: to be successful, to work effectively, to live comfortably. History has shown that only those have met the goals who were not afraid of new solutions, kept the pace with time and conducted work of good quality in timely manner.

S-engineering is a Ukrainian engineering company. As a part of the SE Group International holding we develop and implement turn-key projects in such fields as power supply systems, automation systems, electric drive control, technical security systems, telecommunication systems, as well as we offering maintenance service.

S-engineering is an EPC-contractor in a field of construction of power supply facilities construction and industry construction on a turn-key basis.

S-engineering is the official partner of the Department Digital Factory & Process Drives and Automation and buildings safety of subsidiary enterprise Siemens Ukraine in the status of Siemens Solution Partner Automation.

Our company is the Technology Partner of SIEMENS on the technology SIVACON S8 and 8PT and was the FIRST and the ONLY one in Ukraine received a license to use WITHDRAWABLE (1/2, 1/4).

The work of our company complies with all quality standards set down by the concern SIEMENS AG.


Mission of the company:

We support the efficiency growth of our clients by developing and implementing modern engineering solutions.
Thus, we contribute to the economy growth and the welfare of the countries, where we are present, and people we cooperate with.

Philosophy of the company:

To build a company with the rich legacy to be proud of, for people that work in our company, for future generations and society. To be a reliable partner characterized as follows:

  • Progressive
  • High quality
  • Timely.

We are fully responsible for the decisions we make and we are constantly improving. S-engineering embodies years of trust and respect. This gives us knowledge to be sincere and confident in our actions today.

The principles of the company

We clearly understand what we want and know how to achieve it. Stability and recognition come to those who do not stop on the already achieved, who do not rest on laurels but who continue improving and working hard to move forward.

We guarantee the quality of our work.

We highly value our reputation. Collaborating with reliable and trusted partners and suppliers, even at the early stage of the project, we already have confidence in its perfection.

Full focus on

Each client is unique to us. Taking into account specificity and industry field of a client, scope of works and objectives, we help to select and bring into reality the optimal “purpose-quality-price” option by consulting clients at each stage of the project.

Result oriented work

Each member of our team, performing their functions, gives the company possibility to implement a comprehensive approach to the tasks, skillfully apply newest developments and ensure the quality of work that we are proud of.