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  • AEG Power Solutions signed the licence arrangement with SEMAG (a member of SE Group International) to an exclusive right of production of unique for Ukraine solar invertors.
  • “S-Engineering” started to collaborate with the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
  • SIEMENS awarded the title “The Best Partner in Introduction of New Technologies” to “S-Engineering” Company.
  • There was expansion of partner program with SIEMENS AG SOLUTION PARTNER. Partner status was confirmed in the following program modules: Process Control System SIMATIC PCS7, Drives & Motion and it was also confirmed in the Advanced Factory Automation module again.
  • “S-Engineering” Company is approved as a supplier of State Enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom”.
  • SENUMAC own technology of “S-Engineering” was introduced for grain terminal of the Korean Posco International Corporation and the Ukrainian Orexim Group of companies in Mykolaiv City.
  • “S-Engineering” Company was one of main contractors in the project of new grain terminal Neptune in Yuzhny City (Odessa Region) of the Ukrainian Group MV Cargo and the American Corporation Cargill.
  • Moreover, there was a geographic growth of the projects implemented and equipment supplied by “S-Engineering”. Therefore, besides Ukraine the equipment is supplied to such countries as Germany, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic.
  • A partner agreement is signed with Siemens Digital Industries Software towards SIMATIC IT.
  • The innovative Educational and Research Laboratory for Electric Drives and Automation Systems was opened in Odessa National Academy of food Technologies. The Laboratory was renovated and supplied with the equipment manufactured by the leading global manufacturing companies in 2018-2019.


  • For the second year in a row S-Engineering has been recognized by Siemens-Ukraine as the best manufacturer of panel equipment, which is manufactured under license from Siemens.
  • July 2018, consolidation of production divisions by S-Engineering LLC from other companies of the SE Group International Holding.
  • Receiving an "Engineering Achievement of the Year" award by the National Maritime Rating of Ukraine for the development and implementation of automatic load control technology SENUMAC for the bulk-transport line of bulk materials.
  • Start of export of electricity distribution equipment in the EU
  • 500th completed project achieved


  • Received the right to apply the marking of European conformity CE to the manufactured equipment
  • On March 19, 2017, S-Engineering celebrated its 10th anniversary since its inception.
  • Successful passage of the audit of Siemens and confirmation of the Licensing right for the design and manufacture of low voltage switchgears using technology SIVACON S8.
  • Completion of tests at the implementation site and obtaining official conclusions about the economic effect of SENUMAC technology - a unique technology for automatic loading control of a bulk-flow line.
  • Receiving The best manufacturer of shield equipment award " from DP "Siemens Ukraine".


  • Status of the Premium Partner of Siemens Ukraine Department of Power Engineering (EM) in Low Voltage Technology (LP), Medium Voltage Technology (MS), Automation and Control (EA).
  • Confirmation of the statuses of Siemens Ukrainian Partner and Siemens Siemens Solution Partner Automation from the Siemens Ukraine company.
  • Training for company specialists at the Automation Systems and HMI seminar by Phoenix Contact.
  • The specialists of the company passed Siemens in-depth training course on working with the environment of designing Simaris Configurator Advanced (CFA).
  • Registration on the ProZorro electronic tender platform.
  • Confirmation of requirements for compliance with international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.
  • Obtaining the conclusion of the NIIIS RSE in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the granting of a patent of innovative inventions - automatic control systems for loading the flow-transport line of bulk materials using SENUMAC and LEFFOL technologies.
  • Attestation of the S-Engineering commission at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine on nuclear radiation safety in nuclear power engineering.
  • Successful passing of the assessment of the service provider of SE NAEK Energoatom.
  • Beginning of partnership relations with Odessa National A.S. Popov Academy of Telecommunications (ONAT).
  • Receiving awards from Siemens in the nominations Leader of the Year -2015 and Project of the Year-2015.
  • Development and implementation of a commercial weighing system for bunker, road and rail scales.
  • Development and implementation of the SPM-1000 control system at the grain terminal transshipment complex.
  • A new company website was launched.


  • Premium Partner Status of Energy Management (EM) of DP Siemens Ukraine for Low Voltage (LP), Medium Voltage (MS), Automation and Control (EA)
  • Confirmation of Siemens Ukrainian Partner and Siemens Solution Partner Automation of DP Siemens Ukraine
  • Conference refer to implementation of State Program connected with transition of Ukraine to International Standards in Energy Sector
  • Personnel training for “Integrated automation system SIMATIC PCS 7”
  • Personnel examination for “Software Development in Siemens STEP7 and WinCC”
  • Arranging of the meeting 27 of professional staff under electro technical equipment of NNEGC “ENERGOATOM”
  • Confirmation of compliance of International standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 и OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Cooperation with higher education institute, “Tutior” program performance


  • Status of Siemens Advanced Partner on Siemens Partner Program Energy Automation
  • Production of anniversary 1000 panel under Siemens SIVACON.
  • SIMOPRIME (phase 3В) Technology with the most available depth of manufacturing
  • Certificate of Work with FG Wilson Generator Sets


  • Status of the most effective Partner of DP Siemens Ukraine on Sivacon
  • Participation in Oil & Gas Road-Show of Turkmenistan, Dubai, UAE
  • Certificate of Work on Control System of Building Integration System (BIS)
  • Partnership with PANDUIT


  • ISO 50001:2011 Certification "Energy Management System"
  • Certificate for the right to carry out energy audit in state-financed organizations and industrial enterprises.
  • Registration of trade mark SE Group International.
  • Participation in the Exhibition elcomUkraine 2012.
  • Partnership with Lapp Group.
  • Partnership with Bosch Security Systems.
  • Establishment of Personal scholarship of S-engineering Company for students of the Odessa National Polytechnic University.
  • Participation in the Exhibition "Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2012".
  • Participation in the Exhibition "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan 2012".
  • Startup of know-how of the Company, technology SENUMAC/LEFFOL, into the commercial operation.
  • Commissioning of facilities for the complete production cycle of medium voltage and low voltage "premium" switchgears – For the first time ever in Ukraine.


  • Cooperation with the Odessa National Polytechnic University.
  • Entry to the International Business Group of Companies SE Group International.
  • Setting up of the representative office in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Development of innovative technology LEFFOL: Patent "Conveyor loading efficiency control method".
  • Development of innovative technology SENUMAC: Patent "Method of automatic control of in-line conveying channel loading of granular materials line".
  • License rights to design and manufacture low voltage switchgears according to the technologySIVACON S8.
  • Partnership with Emerson.
  • Partnership with Elspec.
  • Partnership with General Electric.


  • Obtaining the status of “Siemens Solution Partner Power Distribution”.
  • Licensing rights for performance of the works at a voltage above 35 kv.
  • Registration of S-engineering trade-mark.
  • Partnership with ASTI.
  • Learning the technologies SIVACON S4, SIVACON S8.
  • Obtaining the certificate of ISO 14001:2004 standard.
  • Obtaining the certificate of OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.


  • Obtaining the status of Siemens Solution Partner Automation.
  • Official partner of the Department “Building automation and security” (ВТ) "Siemens" Company, Russia.
  • Licensing rights for design and production of medium-voltage switchgears (6-10 kv) for currents up to 3600А under Siemens SIMOPRIME technology.
  • The status of the most efficient partner SE “Siemens Ukraine” under “Siemens SIVACON 8 PT” technology.
  • Obtaining the status of accredited supplier of State Enterprise National Nuclear Energy Generating Company ENERGOATOM
  • Implementation of the program “Mentor”.
  • ISO 9001:2008 recertification.
  • Total number of performed projects - 100.


  • Application of International standards of ISO 9001:2000 quality.
  • Opening of the branch in the c. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
  • Registration of SE GROUP trade-mark.
  • Partnership with ETIREX-CHROMALOX.
  • Opening of the branch in c. Donetsk.
  • Partnership with R&M.
  • Partnership with Phoenix-Contact.
  • Partnership with RITTAL.


  • Foundation of LLC S-engineering
  • Official partner of the Department “Industry Automation and Drive Technologies” (IA&DT) SE “Siemens Ukraine”.
  • Licensing rights for production of low-voltage switchgears for currents 7400А under SIEMENS SIVACON 8PT technology.