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  • For the second year in a row S-Engineering has been recognized by Siemens-Ukraine as the best manufacturer of panel equipment, which is manufactured under license from Siemens.
  • July 2018, consolidation of production divisions by S-Engineering LLC from other companies of the SE Group International Holding.
  • Receiving an "Engineering Achievement of the Year" award by the National Maritime Rating of Ukraine for the development and implementation of automatic load control technology SENUMAC for the bulk-transport line of bulk materials.
  • Start of export of electricity distribution equipment in the EU
  • 500th completed project achieved


  • Received the right to apply the marking of European conformity CE to the manufactured equipment
  • On March 19, 2017, S-Engineering celebrated its 10th anniversary since its inception.
  • Successful passage of the audit of Siemens and confirmation of the Licensing right for the design and manufacture of low voltage switchgears using technology SIVACON S8.
  • Completion of tests at the implementation site and obtaining official conclusions about the economic effect of SENUMAC technology - a unique technology for automatic loading control of a bulk-flow line.
  • Receiving The best manufacturer of shield equipment award " from DP "Siemens Ukraine".


  • Status of the Premium Partner of Siemens Ukraine Department of Power Engineering (EM) in Low Voltage Technology (LP), Medium Voltage Technology (MS), Automation and Control (EA).
  • Confirmation of the statuses of Siemens Ukrainian Partner and Siemens Siemens Solution Partner Automation from the Siemens Ukraine company.
  • Training for company specialists at the Automation Systems and HMI seminar by Phoenix Contact.
  • The specialists of the company passed Siemens in-depth training course on working with the environment of designing Simaris Configurator Advanced (CFA).
  • Registration on the ProZorro electronic tender platform.
  • Confirmation of requirements for compliance with international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.
  • Obtaining the conclusion of the NIIIS RSE in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the granting of a patent of innovative inventions - automatic control systems for loading the flow-transport line of bulk materials using SENUMAC and LEFFOL technologies.
  • Attestation of the S-Engineering commission at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine on nuclear radiation safety in nuclear power engineering.
  • Successful passing of the assessment of the service provider of SE NAEK Energoatom.
  • Beginning of partnership relations with Odessa National A.S. Popov Academy of Telecommunications (ONAT).
  • Receiving awards from Siemens in the nominations Leader of the Year -2015 and Project of the Year-2015.
  • Development and implementation of a commercial weighing system for bunker, road and rail scales.
  • Development and implementation of the SPM-1000 control system at the grain terminal transshipment complex.
  • A new company website was launched.


  • Premium Partner Status of Energy Management (EM) of DP Siemens Ukraine for Low Voltage (LP), Medium Voltage (MS), Automation and Control (EA)
  • Confirmation of Siemens Ukrainian Partner and Siemens Solution Partner Automation of DP Siemens Ukraine
  • Conference refer to implementation of State Program connected with transition of Ukraine to International Standards in Energy Sector
  • Personnel training for “Integrated automation system SIMATIC PCS 7”
  • Personnel examination for “Software Development in Siemens STEP7 and WinCC”
  • Arranging of the meeting 27 of professional staff under electro technical equipment of NNEGC “ENERGOATOM”
  • Confirmation of compliance of International standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 и OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Cooperation with higher education institute, “Tutior” program performance


  • Status of Siemens Advanced Partner on Siemens Partner Program Energy Automation
  • Production of anniversary 1000 panel under Siemens SIVACON.
  • SIMOPRIME (phase 3В) Technology with the most available depth of manufacturing
  • Certificate of Work with FG Wilson Generator Sets


  • Status of the most effective Partner of DP Siemens Ukraine on Sivacon
  • Participation in Oil & Gas Road-Show of Turkmenistan, Dubai, UAE
  • Certificate of Work on Control System of Building Integration System (BIS)
  • Partnership with PANDUIT


  • ISO 50001:2011 Certification "Energy Management System"
  • Certificate for the right to carry out energy audit in state-financed organizations and industrial enterprises.
  • Registration of trade mark SE Group International.
  • Participation in the Exhibition elcomUkraine 2012.
  • Partnership with Lapp Group.
  • Partnership with Bosch Security Systems.
  • Establishment of Personal scholarship of S-engineering Company for students of the Odessa National Polytechnic University.
  • Participation in the Exhibition "Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2012".
  • Participation in the Exhibition "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan 2012".
  • Startup of know-how of the Company, technology SENUMAC/LEFFOL, into the commercial operation.
  • Commissioning of facilities for the complete production cycle of medium voltage and low voltage "premium" switchgears – For the first time ever in Ukraine.


  • Cooperation with the Odessa National Polytechnic University.
  • Entry to the International Business Group of Companies SE Group International.
  • Setting up of the representative office in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Development of innovative technology LEFFOL: Patent "Conveyor loading efficiency control method".
  • Development of innovative technology SENUMAC: Patent "Method of automatic control of in-line conveying channel loading of granular materials line".
  • License rights to design and manufacture low voltage switchgears according to the technologySIVACON S8.
  • Partnership with Emerson.
  • Partnership with Elspec.
  • Partnership with General Electric.


  • Obtaining the status of “Siemens Solution Partner Power Distribution”.
  • Licensing rights for performance of the works at a voltage above 35 kv.
  • Registration of S-engineering trade-mark.
  • Partnership with ASTI.
  • Learning the technologies SIVACON S4, SIVACON S8.
  • Obtaining the certificate of ISO 14001:2004 standard.
  • Obtaining the certificate of OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.


  • Obtaining the status of Siemens Solution Partner Automation.
  • Official partner of the Department “Building automation and security” (ВТ) "Siemens" Company, Russia.
  • Licensing rights for design and production of medium-voltage switchgears (6-10 kv) for currents up to 3600А under Siemens SIMOPRIME technology.
  • The status of the most efficient partner SE “Siemens Ukraine” under “Siemens SIVACON 8 PT” technology.
  • Obtaining the status of accredited supplier of State Enterprise National Nuclear Energy Generating Company ENERGOATOM
  • Implementation of the program “Mentor”.
  • ISO 9001:2008 recertification.
  • Total number of performed projects - 100.


  • Application of International standards of ISO 9001:2000 quality.
  • Opening of the branch in the c. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
  • Registration of SE GROUP trade-mark.
  • Partnership with ETIREX-CHROMALOX.
  • Opening of the branch in c. Donetsk.
  • Partnership with R&M.
  • Partnership with Phoenix-Contact.
  • Partnership with RITTAL.


  • Foundation of LLC S-engineering
  • Official partner of the Department “Industry Automation and Drive Technologies” (IA&DT) SE “Siemens Ukraine”.
  • Licensing rights for production of low-voltage switchgears for currents 7400А under SIEMENS SIVACON 8PT technology.