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The installation of shield equipment for the gas boiler plant, manufactured by S-Engineering in, is being completed at the oil extraction plant in Kakhovka, Kherson region. The boiler house is used to provide the technological processes of the plant and the heating of the premises.

When implementing the project, the specialists of S-Engineering applied a solution based on SIVACON S8 technology panel equipment with pull-out modules (cells). For optimal use of the panel space, the cells of the form factor ½, ¼ (Small Unit) were chosen, which allowed to reduce the size of the shield equipment by 1.5 times.

The new SIVACON S8 technology from SIEMENS meets the stringent requirements of minimizing space. If earlier such a rolling assembly occupied the entire width of the cabinet, now it can be placed in half (module ½) or quarter (module ¼) of the cabinet width. The customer receives not only modularity of the system, fast replacement of feeders, but also a system that occupies space four times smaller than similar systems.

S-Engineering is a Technology Partner of SIEMENS on SIVACON technology.