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CEO of Siemens Ukraine Maciej Zelinski spoke about his first visit to the production complex of the "S-Engineering" company located in Odessa.


Maciej Zielinski, Director General of Siemens Ukraine: "When I first came to S-Engineering, it was almost a year ago ... In front of me there is a beautiful building, in the colors of Siemens. I go inside, look at the production. I'm on Siemens! I got to Siemens! All the quality levels that can be seen at the plant, in the S-Engineering production, they do not differ by a step from those that can be seen in Leipzig and other plants that are working on such products. Therefore, I also congratulate the company [S-Engineering - comment], which is already at the level of European manufacturers of this equipment!"


Recall, S-Engineering is a licensee of Siemens in the status of Technology Partner for the design and manufacture of low-voltage switchgears for SIVACON S8 and SIVACON 8PT technologies, for the design and manufacture of medium-voltage switchgear 6-17.5 kV for currents up to 3600A using SIMOPRIME technology.