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S-Engineering has completed the development of software for the integration of the Beer Pipe Module management system at Mykolaiv brewery of SUN InBev Ukraine. The Beer Pipe Module will be installed on the line of bottling products into glass and plastic bottles.

The monitoring system will control the content of alcohol and CO2 in beer, product density, temperature, and a number of other key parameters. The indicators will be measured for each particular tap of beverage produced.

"If the product parameter is out of standard, an alarm will be triggered and the automatic valve will stop filling. Thus, the output from the line of a poor-quality product is excluded" – the director of the engineering department Igor Krasilya commented.

To remind, the turnkey project implemented by S-Engineering includes the execution of design works, software development, the manufacture and installation of control panels, operator panels, server cabinets, installation and connection to the control system of equipment for bottling lines.