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Alexander Prishchepa, Deputy Director General of S-Engineering LLC, gave an interview to the publication Novoye Vremya Ukrainy, which told about the future of the Ukrainian and world economy after the onset of an era of full automation and robotization.

In particular, S-Engineering top manager is confident that it is not necessary to be afraid of the emergence of mass unemployment due to further automation and robotization. Earlier in the days of the first and second technical revolutions people also feared that the creation of machines would lead to global unemployment. That did not happen. There is a request for new professions, this is the continuation of progress and the provision of employment in new spheres. Innovations give a person a chance to develop.

In the implementation of innovation, Ukraine is growing. So, all new investment projects implemented in our country uses modern automation technologies and new solutions. Moreover, in the asset of Ukrainian engineering companies there are solutions that have no analogues abroad. This is primarily about the technology SENUMAС, which allows to solve several important problems in the process of transshipment of grain and other bulk substances.

Read here the complete interview with Alexander Prischepa (Russian language only).