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-Engineering company has completed the work on the modernization of the pumping gas units monitoring system in the villages Derzhev and Lubeshov of the Lviv region. The modernization included updating the system for monitoring the parameters of existing gas pumping units, as well as adding two new units to the system.

Specialists of the Odessa-based S-Engineering company manufactured communication equipment, operator's workplace, developed software, performed installation and commission work on the facility.

The updated monitoring system monitors the parameters of technological processes, the state of sensors and actuators, technological equipment, signals if they deviate from the norm, collects and analyzes data, maintains an archive of process data. Operative data on the progress of technological processes and the state of the equipment of the gas compressor unit are provided to the maintenance personnel in the form of graphs (trends), tables and reports.

As a result of the project implementation, the safety and quality of control of gas pumping units have been improved, the processing of data has been optimized, and the operating conditions of the operating personnel have been improved.

Natural gas produced in Ukraine is post-cleaned at mentioned stations and prepared for transportation to storage facilities.