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Danube Shipping and Stevedoring Company LLC, part of the Chinese grain corporation COFCO International, has confirmed the high efficiency of the technology for managing automated systems for loading the a continuous-handling conveyor belt SENUMAC. This technology was introduced at the port grain transshipment complex in Mykolayiv.

Based on the results of complex efficiency tests, it is established that, in addition to the progressive method of organizing the operation of the entire loading complex, innovation significantly reduces the operating costs of the terminal.Confirmed economy figures amounted to:

- reduction of loading time by 10.2%;

- reduction of electricity costs by 11%.

At Mykolayiv terminal the SENUMAC technology allowed solving several basic problems of all elevators and transshipment complexes: to increase the working capacity of the shipment line to 90-95% of the nominal value, to minimize the human factor impact on the operation of the complex, and to reduce the deterioration of transport equipment. Preset mode capture by the system at each launch occurs 4 times faster than with manual control.

"The competition between the transshipment complexes in Ukraine continues to grow. In order to profit from investment, an innovative approach to the organization of transshipment processes, a reduction in operating costs are required. The SENUMAC technology provides saving of 170 MW of electricity per each million tons of grain shipped", – the Deputy General Director of S-Engineering LLC, Oleksandr Pryschepa, said.

The full text of the review is available on the web-site of the developer of technology – the company "S-Engineering", section Reviews.