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Specialists of S-Engineering perform commissioning at the plant for the production of expandable polystyrene. The project provides for a set of commissioning works on the automation system of the entire production, including a raw materials preparation workshop, a processing shop, silos of finished products, etc. S-Engineering specialists perform adjustment of software and field devices.


In particular, stage-by-stage debugging and adjustment of the software system for automation of product transportation are carried out directly at the facility at all stages of production: from obtaining raw materials, to final packaging, at the site. Includes a lower level with distributed peripherals and a top-level system based on WinCC. A separate section performs work on adjusting the software for turbo mixers, extruders and packaging and quality silos. High qualification of the specialists of "S-Engineering" allows them to perform qualitatively the adjustment of the equipment and software of the Customer in the conditions of operating production.