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June 10, Lviv became the capital of the race, giving participants sunny weather and an excellent organization of 3rd Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon. The half marathon route in Lviv is traditionally very difficult, given the running on the pavement and a large climb at a distance. Nevertheless, the ambassadors of SE Group International successfully finished with the following results: Alexandr Prishchepa: 1 h. 43 min., Igor Sidorenko - just over 2:00 h.

In total, about 4000 citizens and guests of Lviv took part in the event, of which 1163 athletes reached the finish.

Already on August 26 the team of SE Group International employees in the extended number of participants will take part in the fourth run of the Run Ukraine Running League 2018 in Odessa. After all, a healthy lifestyle is the corporate standard of SE Group International!