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S-Engineering completed the turn-key project for the reconstruction of the complete transformer substation 2х1000 compressor station Berezovka of the Odessa Production Department of the main gas pipelines for UMG Prykarpatransgaz PJSC Ukrtransgaz. The facility was successfully commissioned in late June.

Compressor shop was built in 1980, and the compressor station "Berezovka" itself is the oldest division in Odessa's linear management. The complex project included the development of project documentation, the manufacture of equipment, installation and commissioning of the facility. The project documentation passed the State Expert Review.

Within the project, the following amount of works were performed to improve the reliability of the power supply of the gas-pumping unit, equipment and systems of the compressor station:

- replacement of power cable lines 10kV;

- replacement of the transformer substation KTP-2х1000 10 / 0,4 kV;

- Reconstruction of the control system of the diesel power plant with the purpose of automatically switching on energization the DPP and automatically maintaining the generator output voltage at a given level;

- replacement of reactive power compensation devices with modern ones with automatic power factor controllers;

- equipping the diesel generator set with fire protection systems ASPS and ASPT. Within the project implementation, the following objects were delivered to the facility:

- switchboard equipment of main switchboard 0,4 kV manufactured using Sivacon S8 technology, produced by S-Engineering; - complete bus-lines of street version of LRC type for current 1600A;

- Sealed energy-saving transformers Siemens Tumetic 1000 kVA;

- ASPS and ASPT systems under the control of the Siemens receiving and monitoring device;

- control panel of the diesel generator set and a set of instrumentation.

As a result of the project implementation reliable operation of the main gas pipeline is ensured, eliminating the occurrence of emergency situations.