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July 30 - August 3, for the specialists of S-Engineering training on the program Sivacon S8 was conducted on companies’ production base in Odessa (Ukraine).

 The training program consisted of all kinds of cabinets and panels, including  Small Units (small withdrawable cells), the module of Sivacon S8 technology. The training allowed to cover the whole depth of production and to improve the qualification of specialists.

The uniqueness of the event is that for the first time in the history of the Sivacon line the training was conducted by Siemens AG specialists outside the Siemens AG production base in Leipzig (Germany).

S-Engineering invariably guarantees the high quality and high manufacturability of the manufactured equipment using the Sivacon S8 technology, ensuring the reliability of the power supply of the facilities and the uninterrupted operation of various production lines.

For reference

The Sivacon S8 technology is a low-voltage switchgear, an electric drive control cabinet (MCC), including the unique technology of compact withdrawable modules Small Unit, which allows the compact placement of a larger number of control cells of electric drives. A low-voltage switchgear Sivacon S8 are equipped with pull-out modules (cells), allows to connect up to 48 units of electric drives of different purpose in one cabinet, more than any other technology.

Advantages of low-voltage switchgears produced by S-Engineering:

  •  Minimum downtime for maintenance and replacement of cells (Sivacon S8 Small Unit)
  • Allows to replace cells safely "on air" without removing the voltage from the entire cabinet;
  • Minimum overall dimensions for more connections; 
  • Full safety of personnel and equipment.