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S-Engineering company took part in the conference on steelmaking and rolling repartition, which took place in Mariupol on the basis of the AzovStal steel plant on September 24 and was organized by Metinvest Holding. The conference was attended by a limited number of companies with experience in implementing projects in the metallurgical industry.

The conference addressed the applied issues of modernization and optimization of steel and rolled steel production, in particular, the application of new scientific developments in metallurgy.

The head of the scientific department of S-Engineering spoke about technologies for optimizing technological processes aimed at preventing accidents, ways to optimize the operation of equipment, and on the use of algorithms for guaranteed control, that in particular, related to scientific developments of the  S-Engineering, which is devoted to a significant part of the company's activities.

The existing experience in implementing complex projects enables the company to adapt its own scientific developments into solutions for the requirements of complex technological processes.