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S-Engineering Company took part as a speaker in the 4th international conference Grain Terminals: New Projects, Equipment and Technologies, which took place on November 22 in Odessa.

The company presented the technology of optimal control of loading the transport line SENUMAC  to the conference participants, among which were seaport operators, representatives of agricultural holdings, and investors.

As market participants noted, significant transshipment capacities have been introduced or are being prepared for commissioning in recent years, which increases the competition between terminals and also reduces the price of transshipment. At the same time, all experts are confident that the cost of energy will increase significantly in the coming years. In connection with this fact, the implementation of SENUMAC technology, represented by S-Engineering, is more than relevant. SENUMAC technology allows to reduce electricity consumption by 11% and increase the productivity of the complex by 10.2%. Built on the principle of a digital twin of an enterprise, the system independently selects the optimal loading mode, while saving energy and labor resources, eliminating blockages of norias, and increasing the service life of the equipment of the terminal complex.

Experts that were present were interested in the cost of implementing the innovative SENUMAC technology in comparison with conventional automation technologies. Referring to the high-tech product, the technology provides the economic effect of the enterprise during the entire operation. The economic effect lasts the entire life of the complex, that evidenced by a payback period of not more than 1.5 years. The introduction of technology at the design stage allows us to avoid overspending on capital expenditures on the “stock” of technological equipment capacity.


In Ukraine, the technology works for 4 years at the linear elevator, as well as for more than one and a half year - in the seaport grain terminal, and showed its significant economic effect. There are 3 more projects with a total capacity of 11 million tons per year are in progress.

We will remind, earlier S-Engineering received the award Engineering Achievement of the Year for the implementation of the SENUMAC technology in the terminal Cofco International, Mykolaiv.