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SENUMAC technology developed and patented by “S-Engineering” Company was implemented for new grain terminal of Posco International Korean Corporation and Orexim Ukrainian Group in Nikolaev City.

SENUMAC is a technology of automatic control of loading continuous transfer line with bulk materials, allowing to increase productivity of terminal by over 10%. The accuracy of mode at the same time is over 90%. Thus, the ship residence time on the berth is reduced.

“Our technology helps to reduce specific costs of electric power by over 10%, to automatize grain sample mixing and minimize human factor”, says the Chief Business Development Officer of S-Engineering Company Stanislav Shestopalov. “Moreover, due to SENUMAC technology, proposed at the stage of terminal designing, Orexim Company has successfully proposed the project to the partners and performed a task focused on creation of power-efficient terminal with high productivity”.

Besides, the specialists of S-Engineering Company performed the following works for this project:

-          development of project documentation and software;

-          electric equipment manufacturing;

-          commissioning work and partially electrical mounting works for systems of complex automation and electric power supply.

The terminal with a capacity of simultaneous storage of over 140 thous. tons opened on September 24, 2019.