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One of the subdivisions of SE group International Holdings, that is SEMAG Company, have manufactured and delivered equipment for “Port-Solar” solar power plant in Izmail City, Odessa Region.

The Company task was to manufacture and deliver basic power-generating equipment for sunlight-to-electricity conversion and onward transmittal into the electric power system of Ukraine. SEMAG Company specialists using in-house facilities manufactured the equipment as follows:

- five isolated inverter complete modular substation – IKTPB-1000;

- combined substation of capacity collection – RP-6 kV with two integrated IKTPB 1000.

“Such an equipment of own development using European technologies allows reducing losses of electric power, shortening maintenance time, as well as guarantees the quality of electric power submitting into the system”, notes Aleksandr Semeniug, the General Director of SEMAG Company.

SEMAG manufacturing capacity is equipped with modern close control equipment and electrotechnical laboratory in accordance with the international rules and standards. Employees of the Company constantly improve their skills and increase experience, they are trained and do practical work at the enterprises of SIEMENS AG, AEG PS Companies and other European partners.

It is worth reminding that UDP Renewables Company installed over 25,7 thous. solar panels manufactured by Jinko Solar in 16 ha. It is expected that “Port-Solar” SPP will generate about 11,8 thous. MWh of electric power per year. SPP with a capacity of 8,6 MW was commissioned at the beginning of October, 2019.