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We express our appreciation to everyone who visited the exhibition stands of SE Group International at SEF 2019 exhibition. Previously this year equipment for solar power plants manufactured by SEMAG was presented in Kiev. Nevertheless, professional players of the sustainable energy market show the strong interest thereto. The equipment featured at SEF 2019 exhibition was highly praised by the authoritative international experts and managers of big Ukrainian companies.

Our exhibition stands were visited by the representatives of the partners such as SIEMENS Ukraine, AEG PS and other professionals of the market. Positive feedback on our equipment, comments and wishes inspire and give us confidence for the implementation of plans.

Employees of “S-Engineering” Company and SEMAG also took part in the 11th Sustainable Energy Forum of the Central and Eastern Europe. This is one of the biggest events in Europe, devoted to the newest technologies in the field of renewable power generation.

There were following solutions for SPP by SEMAG at the exhibition: SELAM PV1000 invertor and inverter complete modular substation – IKTPB-1000. This equipment is created under AEG PS licence with maximum depth of the native production. It is manufactured at the premises of “S-Engineering” Company manufacturing capacity.

Under SEIMENS AG technology “S-Engineering” Company presented SIMOPRIME and SIVACON, as well as the equipment created under proprietary technology of S-Engineering, namely, SELAM and OBERON.

SEF 2019 Exhibition took place October 17-18 in Kiev City.