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V International Conference “Grain Terminals: new projects, equipment and technologies” took place in Odessa. The employees of “S-Engineering” Company attend this event annually. At this Conference Deputy Director of Department of Marine and River Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Aleksey Gerashchenko among other things talked about the completion of new grain terminals’ construction. They are Cargill / M.V. Cargo (“Neptune”), Yuzhny Port and Posco International / Orexim Group, Nikolaev Port.

“S-Engineering” Company was one of the main contractors during the construction of these terminals.

Thus, at Cargill / M.V. Cargo («Нептун») the specialists of “S-Engineering” performed the following:

- design works related to the electric power supply system and grain terminal electric plant;

-  65 MCCs (Motor Control Centers) were produced for grain cleaning unit, drying and  grain silo storage unit with a capacity of 210 thous tons, according to the technology SIVACON S8 using Small Design draw-out modules;

- installation and testing MCCs (Motor Control Centers). 

For many years “S-Engineering” has been demonstrating the highest quality of works and as a result became one of 15 countries in the world, which were given permission by SIEMENS AG to SIVACON S8 Small Design technology. This compact solution allows using more intelligent way an area of Electric Equipment Room, and, as a consequence, minimizing costs of enterprise.

For Posco International / Orexim Group Grain Terminal our specialists implemented SENUMAC technology, developed and patented by “S-Engineering” Company. SENUMAC is a technology of technology for managing continuous transportation line loading automated systems, allowing to increase productivity of terminal by over 10%. The accuracy of dose schedule herewith makes up over 90%. In this way time of ship’s staying on the berth is reduced.  

This technology allows to cut specific costs to electric power by over 10%, to automatize grain grade mixing and minimize human factor. Moreover, due to the SENUMAC technology, proposed at the terminal design stage, Orexim Company successfully presented the project to the partners and performed a task of creating energy-efficient terminal with high productivity.

Furthermore, the President of the Ukrainian Grain Association of Ukraine made speech at “Grain Terminals: new projects, equipment and technologies”. He talked about the fact, that Ukraine was known not only for football and boxing, but also as grain country, and the territory of our country occupied the most fertile soil on the Earth. He noted, that this year a record was achieved in corn farming in Ukraine – 92 mln tons, in wheat export – 54 mln tons.