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The unique cybersecurity project in Ukraine for the COFCO International marine terminal in Mykolaiv was implemented by S-Engineering. An autonomous network was built to backup and restore data from the automation system of the main sections of the terminal.

The system makes all backups automatically. The network data transfer rate is 10GB /sec. On separate network storage, a database of archives is organized for each workstation. At the same time, the main function of the developed and implemented system is data backup of servers, personal computers, and the quick recovery of PCs after failures.

Thus, in the event of a failure at workstations for any reason, the DSSС terminal (COFCO International) can restore the system to work as soon as possible up to 10 minutes. The introduction of a new cyber defence system eliminates production downtime, which increases the efficiency of the terminal and ensures the stability of its operation.

S-Engineering specialists developed the project documentation, manufactured it in-house, and installed the server and network equipment at the facility, performed commissioning.

The full range of works on the power supply and automation systems of the DSSС terminal was performed by S-Engineering several years ago. Danube Shipping and Stevedoring Company LLC is part of the Chinese grain corporation COFCO International.