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The S-Engineering company developed and manufactured equipment for the reconstruction of the power supply system of the compressor station of the main gas pipeline in Ukraine.

Medium voltage switchgear was manufactured at S-Engineering using OBERON proprietary technology.

S-Engineering specialists developed the design documentation for the project, produced 6kV panel equipment - 26 OBERON switchgear, which was placed in several block-modular buildings (MB). The MB kit also includes lighting, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and fire alarm systems. The dimensions of the modules are given to the standard sizes of standard containers, which allows them to be transported without using specialized vehicles. MB structures were delivered to the facility for installation and commissioning, the duration of which is significantly reduced due to the high degree of prefabrication of the units.

OBERON switchboards comply with international and domestic standards and the requirements of medium voltage power supply systems. At the same time, the ratio “price-quality” is optimal. And among such devices, OBERON is created with the maximum depth of added value in Ukraine: at the S-Engineering plant at the entrance to the production process - a sheet of metal and a strip of electrotechnical copper, at the output - a finished product. Besides, among the advantages of OBERON switchgear are increased strength due to the frame structure and a high degree of safety during the work of personnel.

Earlier, the power supply system using the OBERON switchboards was designed, manufactured, and installed by S-Engineering specialists in the Odesa seaport at the Novoteh terminal (production capacity of the terminal is 3 million tons per year).