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S-Engineering specialists carried out a set of works to create a control system for the ship-loading machine of the NOVOTECH marine terminal (Odesa).

The ship loader (SL) is designed to load vessels with a capacity of 1000 tons/hour. The SL control system is designed to control and monitor the movement, swing, lifting/lowering of the SL boom. Besides, this system solves the problem of smooth control of acceleration, braking during movement, positioning, and other technological processes associated with loading grain onto a ship.

The automatic control system (ACS) has a built-in safety function and torque distribution algorithms to prevent skewing of the portal of the ship loading machine. The electric drive is built on the basis of high-performance frequency converters of the Sinamics S120 series. The automated control system also implements an advanced diagnostic system for quick troubleshooting. The control system eliminates operator errors that can lead to unacceptable loads on metal structures. Due to the distribution of loads, the wear of the wheels of the travel system is significantly reduced.

The SPM control system was integrated into the general dispatching system of the terminal by radio communication, in compliance with all cyber protection requirements.

In this project, design documentation was developed, equipment was supplied, the software was developed, commissioning was carried out, and the personnel of the NOVOTECH terminal was trained.

** S-Engineering has been cooperating with NOVOTECH Terminal since 2016. The terminal's production capacity is 3 million tons per year.