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Once again, S-Engineering is implementing export projects. Our company's new project for a paper mill has been completed. The complex test of the technological line of the cardboard machine was successfully carried out after what the first three-layer woodfree board was produced. Now work is underway to stabilize technological modes and equipment with an output to the quality indicators of finished products. 
S-Engineering specialists conducted an audit of four sections of the plant and, based on its results, performed a set of works on two of them:
- Multi Motor Drive, which includes a range of systems consisting of 4 forming nets, 4 pressing machines, 12 drying systems, 3 coating machines, 3 calendering machines, 12 filling systems, and a reel drive units (total number of 116 leading drive units);
- Roll handling & Wrapping system.
The project works included the development of algorithms, analysis and restoration of project documentation, and writing instructions for the launch and maintenance of these areas. In addition, “Safety Speed Monitoring” and “Prevention of Unexpected Start” safety systems were developed under international SIL 3 standards. S-Engineering specialists also implemented light and sound alarms and a quick stop system in these areas. At the stage of installation supervision, we, on our own, carried out the restoration work of both electrical and mechanical components.
It should be noted that we developed a software that will control the paper web's speed and tension. We also completed a complex of works on the transport and packaging area, and developed a warehouse accounting system based on Siemens software. In addition, both sections were adjusted by a complete check-up of all connections and debugging of algorithms.
“The equipment with a central controller supplied by S-Engineering takes control over the heart of the paper machine. Also, labeling, transportation, tracking, packaging, and release of ready-to-sell products are now performed on the roll packaging and transporting area automatically, while maintaining the history of each roll.” says the project manager from S-Engineering.