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The S-Engineering company has completed a complex project for the Santreyd elevator* (Dnipropetrovsk region). Our specialists have modernized the electrical equipment, automation and lighting of the existing working tower No. 3 and three-floor warehouses. The modernization made it possible to obtain control of electrical equipment and the necessary list of technological protections using sensors at the modern level.

For the customer, the equipment control system has changed significantly: manual control of technological equipment was replaced by control from SCADA. This made it possible to implement automatic operation modes (i.e. automatic preparation and launch of routes), automatic blocking, and safety for personnel through the use of safety sensors and emergency stop posts.

Site surveys were carried out, modernization projects were developed for AK, EM, EO kits, and design documentation for switchboard equipment was developed, as well as the software development; assembly of switchboard equipment; electrical installation and commissioning works have been completed; and commissioning was carried out.

* The grain elevator "Santreyd” belongs to the subsidiary company "Santreyd", controlled by Bunge Ukraine. Currently, the capacity of the Prosnyanskiy grain elevator is 195 thousand tons of simultaneous storage of grain. The grain elevator has a certified laboratory, weighing facility, and railway line to Prosyanaya station.