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Thanks to S-Engineering technologies, the sea terminal "DSSC" (COFCO Agri Ukraine) in Mykolaiv handles 1.4 times more grain per year for the second year in a row compared to the design capacity.
According to the results of the annual study "Grain Terminals of Ukraine", which is carried out by Stark Shipping, "Danube Shipping and Stevedoring Company" (COFCO Agri Ukraine) became the fifth port terminal in Ukraine in terms of grain transshipment capacity (bit.ly/3jzW9sk). This terminal amounted to 3.54 million tons per year with a design capacity of 2.5 million tons per year.
S-Engineering's innovative technology SENUMAC, which is designed to optimize the loading of bulk materials, was also introduced at DSSC. Consideration and implementation of this technology at the design stage helps to reduce the capital costs of an investment project. Thus, this allows the customer to choose equipment that takes into account its maximum performance, not a more capital-intensive option with a power reserve, as is the case with classical solutions.
Several years ago, S-Engineering carried out a significant part of the work on the implementation of the DSSK terminal. Our specialists have designed and implemented power supply, automation, lightning protection, grounding and lighting systems. Danube Shipping and Stevedoring Company LLC is a part of the Chinese grain corporation COFCO International. The transshipment complex is one of the largest projects that this Chinese company has invested in the Ukrainian economy.