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A new project is at the final stage at the Poltava Mining and Processing Plant* enterprise, with which S-Engineering has been cooperating since 2013. Poltava MPP* is one of the largest operating enterprises of the mining industry in Ukraine and a leading global manufacturer and exporter of iron ore pellets.
Our specialists have performed a complex of works on modernization of the 0.4 kV RU-of-4 kV heat-power shop, which provides heating for the plant and the city. The existing obsolete equipment was replaced with a modern 0.4 kV switchgear of the Sivacon S8 type, manufactured under a Siemens license. This technology has been successfully localized at S-Engineering's own production facility. It allows the production of low voltage switchgear for currents up to 7000A in accordance with international standards and in compliance with European quality standards. Such modernization will allow Poltava MPP to reduce energy costs, reduce the number of emergency situations, and increase labor safety. Also, a project is currently underway to modernize one of the transformer substations of the heat power shop.
S-Engineering has a long-term partnership with Poltava MPP. At different times throughout the entire period of cooperation, our company has performed various types of work: from designing the reconstruction of individual sections to performing turnkey works during the construction of various facilities of the plant.
So, S-Engineering specialists not only restored the documentation on the control algorithm at the site of the slurry pumping station of the Poltava MPP, but also improved this algorithm at the program level. And during the modernization of the cooling tower automation systems, a management and control system for this section was developed and implemented. The cooling tower control system has been integrated into the overall plant management system.
*Poltava Mining and Processing Plant is a manufacturer and exporter of iron ore pellets used in ferrous metallurgy and steel production. Located in the Poltava region, commissioned since 1970. The company employs about 8000 people.