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The program of employee vaccination of the S-Engineering enterprise against the COVID-19 virus continues. The company employees met with the doctor Vitaly Nasimsky, a therapist with 13 years of experience and an employee of one of the Odessa brigades, which is engaged in organized state vaccination of collectives.
The doctor answered all questions from S-Engineering employees about the effectiveness of vaccines from various manufacturers, possible side effects of vaccination, contraindications to vaccination. Also, Vitaly Nasimsky acquainted the employees of our enterprise with the statistics of morbidity in Ukraine and in the world among unvaccinated and vaccinated people. He stressed that official data indicate that the probability of a severe recurrence of COVID-19 disease in those who received one or two doses of the vaccine is minimal.
The specialist also stated that, on average, the number of antibodies is tens times greater when received from the vaccine than the amount received naturally from the disease. Thus, the body of a vaccinated person is much more protected from the disease.
As a remidner, in July, the management of S-Engineering decided to organize state vaccination of the company's employees and their families against the COVID-19 virus. The procedure was carried out in two stages with Pfizer vaccine and took place on the territory of the company's office. After the second vaccination, each person received a vaccination certificate, which is valid for a year. Some of the company's employees were vaccinated in medical facilities and submitted a vaccination certificate to the S-Engineering Personnel Department.