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The new project, not typical for the main profile of the activity, was completed by the specialists of S-Engineering, where grain flow dividers were manufactured for the Risoil Terminal. The flow area of the divider is 800x800 mm, while the weight of one product is more than 500 kg. The flow dividers are part of the overall transport system of the new berth, which Risoil is currently building in Chernomorsk.
According to the Customer's technical assignment, we have developed technical documentation for these dividers. The facilities of the S-Engineering plant were additionally prepared for the production of these products. The cutting of the polyurethane sheet for the lining was carried out on a special machine, which is part of the extensive machine park of the plant. In addition, a production room for welding and locksmithing was prepared for assembling products, which was equipped with a lifting mechanism for performing technological operations. Thus, due to the sufficient depth of production of the S-Engineering plant, it became possible to manufacture such unique dividers that were previously delivered by the Customer from the European Union (Italy).
As a reminder, S-Engineering has been cooperating with Risoil Terminal since 2015. Our specialists performed a complex of works on automation and power supply of the terminal's capacities. Now for this terminal we are developing a system for optimizing the handling of bulk materials - SENUMAC. Also in the process of implementation is a project to supply electricity to a new berth, an additional ship-loading machine and a transport line.