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S-Engineering has completed a new project to modernize one of the existing mining plants in Ukraine - Poltava GOK. Our specialists carried out the reconstruction of the 0.4 kV switchgear TP-50/1 in the heat-power department's boiler house. Modern innovative solutions were used: 1600 kVA cast resin power transformers of the GEAFOL type and the Sivacon S8 OLTC-0.4 kV OLTC using Siemens technology were installed, with a degree of distribution of the device components of at least 3b.
The previous electrical equipment is physically and morally worn out, has completely exhausted its service life. Therefore, in this project, the existing 0.4 kV switchgear and power transformers were replaced with new modern ones in order to increase the reliability and safety of power supply.
The equipment manufactured and installed by S-Engineering provides power supply to the equipment for the boiler house of the heat power plant, which is used for heating almost all industrial premises of the plant.
The work was carried out in the existing production conditions without violating the requirements for industrial safety and labor protection. Currently, the project has been completed, and the substation has been commissioned.
* Poltava Mining and Processing Plant (https://www.ferrexpo.ua/) manufactures and exports iron ore pellets used in ferrous metallurgy and steel production. Located in the Poltava region, commissioned since 1970. The company employs about 8000 people. S-Engineering has been cooperating with Poltava GOK since 2013.