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Nowadays many companies offer the services of construction of "turnkey projects", but whether they can perform the work efficiently, on time, in compliance with the requirements of normative documents?

Not every company is able to realize their "turn-key" construction projects because it requires a modern technical base, well-trained staff and its own electrical laboratory. “S-engineering” is one of few engineering companies that fully satisfies all these requirements.

Currently, we carry out the entire range of construction, installation and commissioning activities of any industrial facilities, both in Ukraine and abroad.

We managed to create a truly modern company, equipped with the most advanced equipment and instruments that allows to perform the work in strict accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, as well as Customer’s requirements.

Our company carries out electrical installation and commissioning activities of any complexity, using the latest technology. It can be not only small projects, but also strategic investment projects.

We offer our Customers all kinds of work on the following systems:

  • Power supply system up to and over 1000 V.
  • Automatic process control system (APCS).
  • Automatic system of operator- and process-enabled control (ASOPEC).
  • Automatic systems of operator-enabled control and energy resource accounting.
  • Building automation system.
  • Automatic lighting control systems (internal and external).
  • Automatic systems of ventilation and air conditioning control.
  • Control systems of heating and water supply.
  • Automatic fire alarm systems.
  • Emergency voice alarm communication systems.
  • Smoke exhaust systems.
  • Automated systems of water, gas, dry chemical and aerosol fire extinguishing.
  • Systems of lightning protection and grounding.
  • Security alarm systems.
  • Access control systems (ACS).
  • Systems of closed-circuit television and audio-video recording.
  • Системы технологического телевидения.
  • Closed circuit TV systems.
  • Structured Cabling Systems (SCS).
  • Data networking (LAN).
  • Radio communication systems.
  • Wireless data transfer systems (WiFi).
  • Engineering orderwire system (intercom).
  • Systems of terrestrial, satellite and IP television.
  • Teleconferencing system.
  • Systems of audio broadcast and multimedia systems.

“S-engineering” guarantees the quality of the performed work of any complexity, using the equipment and accessories of leading world and domestic manufacturers.

Individual approach to solving the problems of the customer, allows to take into account all the wishes in the performance of work, and to implement any project on time.