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Manufacturing department of  S-Engineering specializes on the production of medium and low voltage electrical equipment and also elements of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (PCS (CSADA)).

Our customers and partners are the EPC companies, system integrators, distributors, research and development enterprises and research centers.

We produce pilot specimen of new products by the instructions of the customers as well as serial production of equipment for industrial use.

Our construction engineers will find the best solution for the customer, detect and eliminate possible errors of constructional design and develop technical documentation at the highest professional level.

Experienced mechanics, assemblers and electricians working in close collaboration with the construction engineers, will make just in time even the most sophisticated equipment in full compliance with the design documents. The efficiency of each production unit is provided by quality control at all stages of production.

Our range of products includes:

  • complete switchboard devices
  • low voltage switchboard devices
  • circuit breaker panels, dispatching control, automation
  • motor control cabinets
  • charging stations for electric transport
  • technological process control cabinets
  • automatic power-saving control systems
  • automation-equipped working places of operators
  • other

High quality and reliability of the products are achieved through the following factors:

  • usage of only high quality materials
  • careful input monitoring of components
  • optimal technical solutions
  • quality control at all stages of the production process
  • complex testing of finished products and factory Accepted Test Procedures

Cooperation with S-Engineering gives our customers the following advantages:

  • recording and improvement of all the technical nuances and performance details
  • compliance of the final product to all norms and requirements of the industry
  • fully tested and controlled equipment ready for installation and operation
  • optimization of costs and risks associated with the organization of experimental and serial production
  • European quality product at a reasonable price

Entrust the production of your switchboard equipment our professionals!