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Nowadays engineering is an intellectual activity, the process of design, creation, construction, use, maintenance, elaboration and refinement of conception, model, product, process, system or technology in order to solve specific technical problems.


Our company helps to solve a complex set of tasks in the following areas:

  •  power supply of low, medium and high voltage;
  •  power supply equipment;
  •  electric lighting;
  •  complex automation of power supply facilities and technical processes;
  •  cable lines and cable conduits;
  •  grounding and protective measures of electrical safety;
  •  lightening protection of buildings and facilities;
  •  telemetering and telecontrol;
  •  radio communication;
  •  automatic fire alarm systems;
  •  automatic fire suppression systems;
  •  telephony;
  •  CCTV;
  •  structured cable networks;
  •  conferencing;
  •  master clock system;
  •  specifications, statements and cost estimated for the all above mentioned.

We provide the full set of engineering services:

1. Preliminary design services:

  •  collection of source data for the design;
  •  development of technical specification for the geodesic and geotechnical engineering survey works;
  •  development and approval of technical specification for the design;
  •  preparation of tender documentation;
  •  permits analysis;
  •  project feasibility study;
  •  audit.

2. Project services:

  •  design and survey works
  •  sketch project (preliminary design);
  •  project documentation;
  •  detailed design documentation;
  •  documents estimation;
  •  supervision.

3. Software:

Management of a modern enterprise is not possible without a complex technological processes automation system that allow standardizing business processes, reducing labour inputs and increasing the control accuracy.

We create a high quality product based on the innovation of leading worldwide producers and based on own experience in this field.

Our company is committed to provide our clients with timely updates of software in order to enhance the management level and ergonomics.

4. Procurements.

Implementation of each construction starts with the procurements.

We are experts in this field, that is why our clients are fully protected from faulty goods, errors, inconsistencies that may arise in case third party is involved in procurement process.

During the construction our specialists will arrange:

  •  preparation of tender documentation;
  •  tendering process;
  •  tender award;
  •  contract award;
  •  goods acceptance at manufacturer’s side;
  •  preparation of shipment documentation;
  •  order delivery to the site.

5. Implementation.

Our company acts as EPC – contractor in the construction of the turn-key facilities of energy and industry. We carry out the whole set of works, from the beginning of implementation and till the commissioning of the site.

By choosing our company as an EPC-contractor our clients get a completed with estimated capacity construction facility that will efficiently work during the next years and will satisfy it’s objective.