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“S-engineering”, together with the implementation of "turnkey" projects of any complexity, provides a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of equipment and systems to the Customer’s enterprise.

Our company pays great attention to the development of this sphere, and as a result our Customers receive not only the optimal and smooth operation of equipment, but also reduce of costs and time to production.



The specialists of “S-engineering” possess all the necessary skills, knowledge and technical means that allows you to perform such work at an adequate professional level, taking into account specific features, objectives and Customer's business needs.




Within the framework of services our company performs:

“S-engineering” pays great attention to the development of technical and service maintenance of automation systems, power supply, technical security systems, fire protection of data systems.

Service maintenance can be routine, non-routine, as well as upon some event (equipment failure or fault). The implementation of service support by our specialists is possible for equipment purchased from “S-engineering” as well as for the Customer’s equipment purchased from other leading manufacturers.

The availability of own electrical laboratory, a large stock of spare parts, and above all, the availability of highly skilled staff of our company, can prevent or solve problems of any complexity at the highest priority as soon as possible.

Within the framework of services our company performs:

  • detailed analysis of the technical condition of equipment
  • software support after commissioning work implementation
  • execution of works by the electrical laboratory
  • execution of the full range of scheduled maintenance
  • trouble-shooting processes
  • preventive maintenance
  • consultation

Upon Customer’s request, the modernization of the existing system is possible, which provides enhancements to the functionality of the installed system in the framework of service maintenance.

The company has all necessary permits and certificates to conduct these types of work.

Service maintenance performed efficiently allows not only to identify possible shortcomings in the operation of the equipment, but also provide its guaranteed operation.

The benefits resulting from the service support of «S-engineering»:

  • Guaranteed high level of service
  • Optimization and ability to schedule servicing and repair costs
  • Minimization of business risks by downtime reducing and prevention of possible accidents
  • Transfer of responsibility for maintenance
  • Application of advanced technologies and techniques
  • Responsiveness

Current market conditions dictate new rules for the actions of market participants.

As part of the introduction of new technologies in the field of business management, “S-engineering” uses the world's common practice of outsourcing - the transfer of the part of the functions or even entirely separate business processes to the third-party company.

It allows the Customer to focus on strategic and core functions of the enterprise, to reduce costs and adaptability to new technologies, to improve the reliability and resiliency of the processes performed by the outsourcer. All of it, in turn, will reduce the cost of manufacturing of the products, and greatly enhance the quality and competitiveness.

We undertake to the full extent:

  • responsibility for the trouble-free service of systems
  • responsibility for the safety measures for electrical installations
  • organization of operational dispatch management, service maintenance and repair of electrical equipment and systems, development and maintenance of operational and maintenance documentation
  • question of cooperation with the supervisory authorities on the organization of the safe operation of electrical equipment and systems
  • fulfillment of the requirements of labor protection, personnel training, software tools and supplies

In order to provide the parameters and conditions selected according to the projects, “S-engineering” provides a full range of outsourcing services, namely:

  • Automation systems of technological processes in various industries
  • Systems of complex automation and control of administrative, shopping and entertainment and residential complexes
  • Power supply systems up to and above 1000V
  • Systems of double current electric motor
  • Fire protection systems, technical security and information systems
  • Adjustments or development of project documentation and introduction of a change in the course of system operation

Upon Customer’s request, the modernization of the existing system is possible, which provides enhancements to the functionality of the installed system in the framework of outsourcing.

All the work is carried out by certified professionals who have years of experience.

Through an integrated approach, professional and well-coordinated work of our experts, the Customers receive the maximum benefit from outsourcing.

Depending on the functions entrusted to our company, the result of the activities of our Customers can be such:

  • optimal use of manpower
  • significant reduction in its regular expenses
  • reduction of investment risks
  • minimization of the human factor
  • reduction of production time, and much more.

Electrical work is an important step not only in the installation of new equipment, but also in the operation of the existing one, to identify and eliminate faults and defects.

Electrical laboratory of “S-engineering” performs acceptance of delivery, standard, periodic (defined by regulations) targeted and integrated tests at Customer’s sites for voltage up to 10 kV inclusive.

Our laboratory is equipped with modern facilities, normative and technical documentation for all measurements listed above. All work in the electrical laboratory is performed by well- trained personnel with the necessary level of preparation and the relevant permits.

Electrical work is carried out in several directions, covering all the major parameters of the power supply, such as insulation resistance, the presence of a reliable ground protection, working capacity of security systems, lightning shielding efficiency and other measurements.

The measurements are carried out in accordance with the state metrological supervision in our electrical laboratory:

  • synchronous generators
  • continuous-current machines
  • alternating-current motors
  • power transformers, autoconnected transformers and oil-immersed reactors
  • current transformers
  • voltage transformer (electromagnetic, capacitance-type, gas-insulated)
  • gas-insulated and vacuum switches
  • load interrupter switches
  • separating switches
  • Complete shielded current distributors
  • Contact connections of bus and connecting bars, wires and overhead ground-wire cable
  • Current-limiting dry-type reactors
  • Electrofilters
  • Nonlinear-resistance arresters and voltage suppressor
  • Protection devices, fuse disconnectors, short-circuiting plugs, separators
  • Bushing insulators and entrance insulator
  • Base, rod and suspended insulator
  • Devices, secondary wiring and electric installation with voltage to 1 kV
  • Storage battery
  • Grounding connection
  • Power cable connection
  • Overhead power transmission line
  • Electric equipment of generator excitation system
  • Semiconductor converters
  • High-power capacitors
  • Storage batteries
  • Cable connections
  • Oil break and electromagnetic switch
  • Nonlinear-resistance and expulsion-type surge arrester and voltage suppressors
  • Measuring transformers
  • Cubicle switchboard of internal and external location
  • Alternating-current motors
  • Continuous-current machines (except driver source)

The results of the measurements are made of the established sample of protocols that are valid on the entire territory of Ukraine.

In case of trouble or poor condition of the equipment our specialists can develop a set of measures that will be aimed to such problem.

Nowadays, such concepts as “energy reserves economy” and “energy efficiency of the enterprise” increasingly occur and are familiar to everyone. The main objective of these measures is to increase energy supply reliability of companies with a minimum consumption of energy.

One of the key instruments for achieving the necessary level of efficiency of the enterprise is the energy inspection of the company - an energy audit.

“S-engineering” considers an energy audit as an integral part of engineering and a key element of its range of services.

The experts of our company have passed specialized training and possess the necessary skills, knowledge and technical means that allows to carry out the energy audit of enterprises at an adequate professional level, taking into account the specifics, goals and needs of a Customer.

Energy audit conducted by “S-engineering” includes:
  • energy monitoring of the systems for detecting of adjusted and real parameters of energy consumption in the enterprise
  • measuring of the required parameters at the control points with the help of special equipment and metering devices
  • assessment of the condition of systems and measuring instruments - devices for metering of utilities and their compliance with statutory requirements
  • study of the accompanying regulatory framework, guidelines and instructions in the enterprise
  • calculations of the economic efficiency of the introduction of certain organizational proposals, or investments in energy-saving technologies, in particular alternative energy sources
  • identification of unreasonable loss of energy
  • assessment of the energy rationing arrangements and use of energy
  • verification of energy balance of enterprise
  • calculation of specific energy consumption norms
  • assessment of the feasibility of the main energy-saving measures that is implemented by a company under the energy conservation program.

The process report is made according to the audit results, highlighting the results of implementation of energy audit and recommendations for the introduction of energy efficiency programs.

The energy survey of an enterprise makes possible:
  • timely identification of problems related to energy waste, overspending and losses of energy in the enterprise
  • extension of the service life of equipment, increasing its reliability and safety
  • carrying out of special measures for the elimination of discovered defect
  • development of the work program in the short and long term, which will reduce the amount of energy and ensure the necessary level of enterprise energy efficiency
  • calculation of specific energy consumption requirements for manufactured products or types of work
  • assessment of the feasibility of the main energy-saving measures implemented by the enterprise
  • reduction of the cost of energy consumed and reduction of the cost of production

All of it, as well as a large stock of spare parts and the availability of staff of highly qualified specialists of “S-engineering”, will prevent or solve problems of any complexity, optimize system operation of the enterprise through the use of modern technologies and techniques.

Upon Customer’s request, the modernization of the existing systems is possible, which provides enhancements to the functionality of the installed system, as well as increase performance and competitive ability in the framework of service maintenance.