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Renewable systems play a great role in the solution of the questions connected with electricity supply of settlements, ensuring the autonomy of residential buildings, BMS, as well as smart home systems on the scale of a building and as smart city on the scale of metropolis.

“S-engineering” offers solutions that provide complete automation of all related institutions and are aimed at comfortable accommodation of people. Our solutions for industrial, administrative and residential buildings meet all international requirements.

Modern solutions of basic functions in power supply systems (0.4 to 110 kV)

application of compact (¼ and ½ of width) multipurpose roll-out feeder in low-voltage switch unit assembled by according to the technology Sivacon S8, allows you to replace quickly out-of-service element, eliminating downtime of the production machinery, minimizing the space occupied by the low-voltage switch unit.


production of electric control equipment of individual dimensions according to the Customer’s requirements allows to fit it in small-scale room.

application of electric control equipment, assembled by the technology SIVACON S8 and SIMOPRIME with maintenance-free busbar system allows significantly to reduce the cost of routine maintenance for 30 years. Application of electric control equipment, assembled by the technology SIVACON S8 and SIMOPRIME, which have been tested and confirmed by the certificates, provides security for staff due to the accident localization in the compartment in which the accident occurred.

application of specialized software for the calculation of electric grid, its modes, allows to implement the selective power supply system, which will allow to localize the accident and disable only the damaged area.


Modern solutions of basic functions in building automation systems

application of specialized software building automation systems allows you to integrate not only functions of automated building management control system into a single controlling system, but also to add access control functions, video surveillance, alert, evacuation control. It in turn makes it possible to organize the “smart home” system that will minimize energy consumption for building life sustenance and to redistribute energy flows for optimal consumption, to ensure high security of a person.

It is not unusual when a company faces the necessity of interconnection of automation system of technological site, implemented based on equipment from different manufacturers with different architectures in a single enterprise management system. S-engineering specialists have a long history in the construction of this type of control system that allows you to integrate separate solutions in a single system. It allows to make stitching and alignment of productivity of all combined technological sites.

no facility can exist without safety technique systems. These systems allow to organize the security of a person, property and intellectual property. Access control systems, video surveillance, which are integrated into the overall intelligent building management system, allow to achieve complete security. “S-engineering” has great experience in ensuring the protection of a Client from unauthorized access and attacks on his property.

coordination of office building operation can not be organized without warning systems, master clock system, telephone and computer networks. They allow achieving well-coordinated work of employees, thereby increasing labor productivity. Implementation of such “turn key” systems is one of the challenges that have been successfully executed by “S-engineering”.