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“S-engineering” has great experience in project realization at CHP plant, DPP, magistral interstate networks, enterprises with renewable energy sources, SS 35-750 kV.

Our design solutions provide power engineering facilities with:

  • management of electricity flow of management systems of power utilities management and its intelligent management
  • high-quality and uninterrupted power supply
  • saving of resources consumption for electrical power generation
  • elimination of the human factor impact and ensuring of the safe operation of electrical installations

Modern solutions of basic functions in power supply systems (0.4 to 110 kV)

application of uninterruptible power supply, inertialless low voltage automatic transfer switches with a switching period to a standup power supply of less than 0.5 seconds will allow to eliminate the stop of heavy-duty technical processes while external power interruptions.


application of multi-function protection relay allows to realize a full range of feeder protection in one device. Such solution facilitates the principle of protection schemes, their assembly, maintenance and operation.


application of modular or quick-erect electrical substation of high prefabrication reduces the volume of construction fieldworks, the timing of object implementation, and as a result – to reduce the construction budget.


application of autonomous power sources on the basis of several diesel and/or gas generator plants with automatic start system, synchronization and load sharing of parallel power supplies ensure uninterrupted operation of technical equipment, as well as minimizes fuel consumption at a load speed of technological equipment.

large degree of volume level deviation from the standard lead to instability of electricity-generating equipment and operational incident. Application of electricity-generating equipment manufactured by “S-engineering” according to modern technologies that have passed numerous tests in independent European laboratories will provide reliable power supply to consumers in the uttermost areas of the electric grid.

application of compact (¼ and ½ of width) multipurpose roll-out feeder in low-voltage switch unit assembled by according to the technology Sivacon S8, allows you to replace quickly out-of-service element, eliminating downtime of the production machinery, minimizing the space occupied by the low-voltage switch unit.


application of electric control equipment, assembled by the technology SIVACON S8 and SIMOPRIME with maintenance-free busbar system allows significantly reduce the cost of routine maintenance for 30 years. Application of electric control equipment, assembled by the technology SIVACON S8 and SIMOPRIME, which have been tested and confirmed by the certificates, provides security for staff due to the accident localization in the compartment in which the accident occurred. .

application of specialized software for the calculation of electric grid, its modes, allows to implement the selective power supply system, which will allow to localize the accident and disable only the damaged area.


Modern solutions of basic functions in the power utilities automation system

Microprocessor protection devices replaced the equipment based on the ladder long time ago. In addition to its direct functions, these devices make it possible to organize telemetry link system, remote signaling, remote control, and allow to organize power utilities automation system at its base. “S-engineering” use of all the functional capabilities of modern microprocessor-based protection devices while the construction of electrical systems 35-750 kV, thereby making your work comfortable and safe.


implementation of energy efficiency programs, possibility of operational analysis of the network condition, making decision on choice, choice of optimal equipment operation mode and consumers is impossible without telemetry link systems and remote signaling. Applying modern approaches in decisions, “S-engineering” will allow you to utilize the functional capabilities of electrically-powered equipment to the full extent.

renewable sources of electric energy each year increase their contribution to the electric power system alongside increase in the cost of mined non-renewable resources and the planetary ecology protection. But renewable sources of electric energy can not meet the need of consumers of electricity at peak torques. An urgent problem is the optimal electric power distribution and the choice of the most economically feasible power supply scheme. “S-engineering” has a long history in the development and implementation of intelligent energy systems SMART GRID, allowing to solve the current problems in power utilities.