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For industrial companies, we are introducing energy-efficient solutions, which make it possible to build an optimal power-supply system, industrial system with control and security algorithms.

Application of the basic functions on the ground of technology SIVACON S8, unique features based on its own proprietary technologies of SENUMAC and LEFFOL provide an effective system of automated enterprise management, reduce production costs, provide system security.

Unique functions in the process automation systems:

The electric drive of power lifting and handling equipment of bulk cargo is designed to launching the process equipment under load, and involves excess capacity at nominal operating conditions. This principle leads to the presence in the processing chain of "weak" points, that with increased power consumption. Thus the technological chain performance is limited by the capacity of the "weak" point. At that the potentially maximum performance of the line is not used.

To solve this problem S-engineering has developed a unique technology LEFFOL. This technology through the creation of mathematical models of each element of production line and their interaction allows to determine mathematically the modes of "weak" points operation with playback of operating characteristics of electric motors for maximum line performance and to extend the equipment operation term.

An important problem of the enterprise, especially for port grain terminals is the direct dependence of production line performance on the experience of process operator. Unscheduled stops of the processing equipment are associated with the occurrence of bucket conveyor obstruction, and are determined by a lack of coordination of technological line elements capacities and the human factor.
To eliminate the influence of the human factor and ensure stable maximum performance of lifting and handling equipment S-engineering has developed a unique technology SENUMAC.
The introduction of this technology allows gaining automatic load control of flow-transport line of bulk materials, and:

  • To increase productivity (up to 20%)
  • To reduce energy consumption (by 20-30%)
  • To minimize the occurrence of accidents
  • To increase equipment lifetime
  • To diagnose and to predict equipment failures
  • To improve the efficiency and failure safety of technological processes

The constant growth of the requirements to the quality of the output product requires precision in the control of equipment technological parameters. It is rather difficult to achieve the precision dictated by modern requirements with the standard control methods. The control parameter falling beyond the process regulations entails defective goods, the need for recycling the product back for revision, increasing the time of manufacturing a unit of output, overconsumption of energy resources.

Complying with the process regulations, minimizing the number of defective goods, improving energy efficiency of production will be possible due to the special control algorithms designed by our experts. We offer control algorithms with high dynamic accuracy, ensuring and optimization.

The controller parameters are calculated for each controlled object individually and optimized on a mathematical model of the controlled object by our specialists. As a result, the customer receives a working regulator that requires no additional adjustment on the site.

"S-engineering" has successfully implemented such solutions algorithms for hammer crushers, presses-granulators, presses-extruders, multi-component dosing units, dryers, pasteurizers.

Modern solutions of basic functions in the processes automation systems

The industrial processes automation system must clearly carry out the tasks assigned to it - the basic functions, without which no automation system can exist. The method for implementing these functions affects directly the performance optimality, efficiency, reliability of the system.

"S-engineering" offers the realization of the basic functions with modern methods meeting the high demands of the technological process and the scientific-technical progress.

it is not unusual when a company faces the necessity of interconnection of automation system of technological site, implemented based on equipment from different manufacturers with different architectures in a single enterprise management system. The experts of “S-engineering” has many years of experience in the construction of such management systems, что позволяет интегрировать разрозненные решения в единую систему. It allows making the dock and alignment of performance of all combined technological sites.

modernization of fuel management system using adaptive control algorithms allows to reduce fuel consumption, and hence the cost of the product while maintaining the productivity of the technical process


function of automatic route planning with the choice of only 2 endpoints (start and end), eliminates mixing products during their transportation, product loading and unloading. Such a principle of route planning eliminates the error of the process operator.


application of distributed IO systems for information collection from production machinery can significantly reduce the costs for cabling and wiring products and cable support systems, their installation, which in turn leads to the reduction in the budget for the facility construction and the implementation schedule.


Integration of the automation system with enterprise management software systems (1C) allows building a single management system with centralized control and management of all the inbound and outbound flows.

function of remote access to the automation system allows the developer to quickly analyze the causes and problems in the system, give recommendations, indicating corrective actions to the maintenance staff, ensuring minimized downtime of the process equipment without the system developer's arriving to the facility for maintenance.

application of standard libraries, honed over many years, allows shortening the time of writing software, reducing the object launching time.

  • function of hours in service;
  • control of important parameters of the equipment, signaling of the need for maintenance/repair;
  • recommendations on the action plan for replacement/repair of the faulty equipment allow optimizing the servicing of the process, thereby reducing the service costs.

The functions of "tips with action options" do not just simplify to the maximum the work of the process operator, but also eliminate mechanical errors in the management of technical process management.



implementation of algorithms for road and rail scales allows not only applying the advanced developments in weighing, but also fully integrating scales in the technological processes automation system and enterprise management software systems (1C).


implementation of algorithms of the hopper scales allows not only making precise and fast weighing, providing high-performance of the processing equipment, but also fully integrating scales in the technological processes automation system and enterprise management software systems (1C).

wireless networks allow controlling mobile units, such as ship-loader, decentralized system of valves on the pipeline. This solution allows making connection with remote mechanisms, which can not be achieved through other wired solutions.

Modern solutions of basic functions in power supply systems (0.4 to 110kV).

application of modular or quick-erect electrical substation of high prefabrication reduces the volume of construction fieldworks, the timing of object implementation, and as a result – to reduce the construction budget.


application of capacitance current compensation in distributed electric grid of medium voltage with extended cable lines allows to exclude the impact of capacitance current on electric grid, as well as to reduce the level of consumed reactive power.


application of multi-function protection relay allows to realize a full range of feeder protection in one device. Such solution facilitates the principle of protection schemes, their assembly, maintenance and operation.


application of compact (¼ and ½ of width) multipurpose roll-out feeder in low-voltage switch unit assembled according to the technology Sivacon S8, allows you to replace quickly out-of-service element, eliminating downtime of the production machinery, minimizing the space occupied by the low-voltage switch unit.

the application of electric control equipment with maintenance-free busbar system, assembled by the technology SIVACON S8 and SIMOPRIME allows significantly reduce the cost of routine maintenance for 30 years.



application of electric control room equipment, assembled by the technology SIVACON S8 and SIMOPRIME, which has been tested and confirmed by the certificates provide security for staff due to the accident localization in the compartment in which the accident occurred.


application of specialized software for the calculation of the electric grid, its modes, allows realizing selective power supply system, which will allow localizing an accident and disabling the damaged area only.


application of uninterruptible power supply, high-performance automatic transfer switches with switching time to a backup power supply of less than 0.5 seconds will allow eliminating the stoppage of critical technological processes upon external power supply interruptions.



implementation of multistage motor starting with group frequency converter allows implementing the optimal and energy-efficient management/control of the powerful process equipment thereby reducing energy costs.



application of electrical heating for heating pipes, pipes and tanks with highly viscous liquids allows to achieve energy saving, compared to the archaic steam heating.