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S-engineering implements the “turnkey” projects according to the power-supply systems, systems of lighting, grounding and lightning protection for the oil refining plants, starting from the concept formation and finishing by put a facility into operation.

We use technology SIVACON S8 using the compact (¼ and ½ of width) multipurpose roll-out feeder in low-voltage switch unit that provides a guaranteed optimal design, uninterrupted operations and safety of the production of enterprises engaged in production, transportation and processing of hydrocarbon resources.

Modern solutions of basic functions in power supply systems (0.4 to 110 kV)

application of autonomous power sources on the basis of several diesel and/or gas generator plants with automatic start system, synchronization and load sharing of parallel power supplies ensure uninterrupted operation of technical equipment, as well as minimizes fuel consumption at a load speed of technological equipment.


Application of capacitance current compensation in distributed electric grid of medium voltage with extended cable lines allows to exclude the impact of capacitance current on electric grid, as well as to reduce the level of consumed reactive power.


application of modular or quick-erect electrical substation of high prefabrication reduces the volume of construction fieldworks, the timing of object implementation, and as a result – to reduce the construction budget.


application of multipurpose roll-out feeder in low-voltage switch unit assembled by according to the technology Sivacon S8, allows you to replace quickly out-of-service element, eliminating downtime of the production machinery. Application of compact (¼ and ½ of width) multipurpose roll-out feeder in low-voltage switch unit, assembled according to the technology Sivacon S8, allows to minimize the space occupied by the low-voltage switch unit, thus increasing the number of involved consumers, which is especially important during the modernization .

production of electric control equipment of individual dimensions according to the Customer’s requirements allows to fit it in small-scale room.

application of electric control equipment, assembled by the technology SIVACON S8 and SIMOPRIME with maintenance-free busbar system allows significantly reduce the cost of routine maintenance for 30 years. Application of electric control room equipment, assembled by the technology SIVACON S8 and SIMOPRIME, which has been tested and confirmed by the certificates provide security for staff due to the accident localization in the compartment in which the accident occurred.


application of specialized software for the calculation of electric grid, its modes, allows to implement the selective power supply system, which will allow to localize the accident and disable only the damaged area.


application of uninterruptible power supply, inertialless automatic transfer switches with a switching period to a standup power supply of less than 0.5 seconds will allow to eliminate the stop of heavy-duty technical processes while external power interruptions.


implementation of multistage motor starting with group frequency converter allows implementing the optimal and energy-efficient management/control of the powerful process equipment thereby reducing energy costs.



application of electrical heating for heating pipes, pipes and tanks with highly viscous liquids allows to achieve energy saving, compared to the archaic steam heating.



application of multi-function protection relay allows to realize a full range of feeder protection in one device. Such solution facilitates the principle of protection schemes, their assembly, maintenance and operation.