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Dear suppliers!

We are glad to welcome you on the procurement page of S-engineering company.

We ensure the impeccable quality of our work, so we are interested in reliable suppliers of services and works. We will be happy to develop cooperation based on the principles of fair competition, openness, mutual benefit.

Thank you for your trust and we will be glad to see you among our partners!

Please, familiarize yourself with the procedure of accreditation of organizations for participation in tender procedures for the provision of services and work for S-engineering LLC Application for participation in accreditation (in Russian)

The main objectives of accreditation are:

  • Determination of the list of organizations most qualified to carry out a set of specific works specified in the tender.
  • Ensuring the credibility of the activities of the organizations, confirming the compliance of their services with the established requirements.

General terms:

Any organization wishing to be accredited to participate in the tendering procedures for supply of services and work for LLC S-engineering is entitled to participate in accreditation. To participate in accreditation, the Organization must fill in the relevant Application for accreditation (Annexes 1-6) and send an application by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Criteria for accreditation are:

  • Sufficient labor, material and financial resources to carry out their activities;
  • Positive reputation and sufficient experience in the implementation of its activities;
  • Availability of an admission for the implementation of the type of activity for which accreditation is carried out (if this type of activity is subject to access);
  • Absence of arrears on obligatory payments to budgets of all levels and extra-budgetary funds;
  • Absence of arrears in payment of wages to employees of the Organization;
  • The organization should not be in the process of reorganization or liquidation;
  • In respect of the applicant, proceedings on the insolvency (bankruptcy) case should not be instituted;
  • The organizational and legal form must comply with the civil legislation of Ukraine;
  • The property necessary for the performance of its activities should not be seized.

The validity period of the accreditation of the subject is one year.