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Technologies SE Group International

Technology SENUMAC: Method of automatic control of in-line conveying channel loading of granular materials line.

Technology LEFFOL: Container loading efficiency control method.


SIEMENS Technologies

The S-engineering Company is the official partner of the Department Industry Automation and Drive Technologies (IA & DT) SE Siemens Ukraine in the status of Siemens Solution Partner Automation and Siemens Solution Partner Totally Integrated Power.

The company has licensing rights to design and manufacture switchgear and control gear according to the following technologies:

  • Technology SIVACON 8PT : Evident decision for global requirements.

    Standard distributing low-voltage units with rear location of bus structure. Module technology with ability of optimum adaptation to any requirements.

  • Technology SIMOPRIME: Distinctive feature of the leader.

    Average-voltage distributing units with air and vacuum power switches for the maximum operating load up to 17,5 kW.

  • Technology SIVACON S8: Reliability and perfect design.

    Universal and simple low-voltage systems for electric power distribution for civil and industrial constructions for currents up to 7000А.

  • Technology SIVACON S4: Absolute perfection of the low-voltage distributing systems.

    SIVACON S4 System is a part of products of the SIVACON line, covering all aspects of power distribution from commutation switches to the bus bar.

  • Technology SIVACON 8PS: Bus bar systems SIVACON 8PS is an ideal choice for transfer and distribution of electric power in the power-supply systems of buildings and industry.