Logstrup Modular System

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Тechnical data

Modular System 

Structural Parts

External Cladding

Busbar System 

Principles of the System


Reference standarts

The Marine Industry

Logstrup (Denmark) is one of the leading European manufacturers of modular switchboard systems. Since 1958 the company has been successfully operating in the world market and for 60 years has developed and improved a significant number of advanced cabinet solutions for electrical panels.

The Logstrup certified design withstands high vibrational loads, which makes it possible to use Logstrup boards on marine vessels, bridges, oil platforms and in other industries with heavy equipment operating conditions.

The modular system of metal structures and bus bars allows to assemble Logstrup switchgears of any configuration in a fixed, removable (RMU), withdrawable (MDU/WDU) design, with a high degree of internal partitioning (up to 4b according to IEC 61439-1,2) for currents up to 8500A, which is a unique offer on the market.

Technical data

Rated AC voltage

Up to 690 V  

Maximum impulse voltage

8 кV (up to  12 кV)

Rated insulation voltage

1000 V

Degree of internal separation according to

 IEC 61439-2

 1 … 4а and 4b

Rated current of horizontal busbars

Up to 8500 А

Thermal resistance current

165 кА, 1 s

Level of protection according to IEC 60529

Up to IP54


1995, 2185, 2375 mm


440, 630, 820, 1010, 1200 mm


600, 790 mm

Working temperature

0 … +40 ºС


Modular System

       Complete modularity in all 3 axes with a base module of 190mm, which provides the most flexible solution possible

       Width, height and depth as well as sizing and placement of any sub-sections are infinitely variable

       Many space restrictions can be overcome by making angled or back-to-back arrangements.

       The unique corner joint and framework system constructed of 2mm steel profiles, incorporating 5 bends ensures a maximum strength. This makes the system particularly suited for heavy-duty equipment, large busbar systems and demanding operating conditions.

Further benefits of the Logstrup Modular System:

       Minimum downtime

       Re-configuration of units while panel is live

       Ability to interchange different unit types

       Fully Type Tested

       Internal Arc Protection


Structural Parts

       A complete frame bar construction consists of 8 corners (AHC6) and 12 frame bars (AKA).

       The framework may be fitted onto baseframes for floor mounting or wall mounting.

       The base frame is U-shaped and manufactured from 2.5mm high strength, hot-dip galvanized (zinc-coated) steel sheets, available painted or unpainted depending on required anti-corrosion properties

       The profile bend aligns with the framework profiles  to ensure maximum stability and support for heavy switchgear

       AKA frame bar structures consist of 2mm steel profiles, each with 5 bending points and coupled together through unique corner joints of aluminium alloy. 

This basic construction provides the markets strongest and most reliable structures, which are exceptionally well suited for heavy equipment and demanding environments.



External Cladding

Panels (APA/ALA/AGP) are used to clad the exterior of the framework.  

       Type ALA doors are folded hinged covers made from 1.5 or 2 mm sheet steel coated with 60-80 μ Polyester powder paint.

       Type APA panels are folded fixed covers made from 1.5 or 2 mm sheet steel coated with 60-80 μ Polyester powder paint.

       Type AGP plates are flat covers intended to be fitted on the top or rear of enclosures.

       AGP plates are made of mild steel aluzinc coated (aluminium and zinc) and available as standard with or without powder paint coating depending on client requests.




Busbar System

       The Logstrup Busbar System consists of modular components, which allows unlimited variations and ratings

       Three, four and five wire systems can be designed with ease, and ratings up to 8500A are standard, and tested for both temperature rise and short circuit level

       The Busbar System is based on a two bar per phase system, both horizontal and vertical, eliminating time consuming drilling and bending of copper bars

       The Busbar joints are by means of bolts and nuts of 8.8 quality in connection with special spring washers type DIN 6796

       The busbar holder components are manufactured from a high grade polymer which provides a high insulation for the copper bar, good mechanical and thermal strength to meet the stress during a short circuit and ability to withstand variations in temperature during service conditions


Principles of the System

Front Access  




Rear Access



The Logstrup Switchgear and Controlgear System is available in a wide variety of configurations to cover all applications


       Removable (RMU)

       Withdrawable (MDU/WDU)


       Front Access

       Rear Acess

       Accommodates components from many manufacturers

Removable Units


       High protection against contact

       Rating up to 630 A, 500 kW, 690 V

       Fixed or hinged front panel

       Coding system

       Unique safety interlocking mechanism

       Fully re-configurable while live

       Sizes: X = 3, 4  Y = ½, 1, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4.

       Up to 20 units per section


Mini-Withdrawable Units

       High personal protection

       Rating up to 80 A, 55 kW, 690 V

       Auxiliary controls up to 46 control pins

       Front or rear access

       Removable interface box

       Interface box can be pre-wired

       Fully re-configurable while live

       Coding system

       DeviceNet & ProfiBus compatible

       Sizes: X = 1, 1½, 2, 3.  Y = 1

       Up to 40 units per section


Withdrawable Units

       High operational safety

       Rating up to 630 A, 500 kW, 690 V

       Auxiliary controls up to 46 control pins

       Fully re-configurable while live

       Coding system

       Safe operation...IP20 protection in all positions

       Fixed or hinged front panel

       DeviceNet & ProfiBus compatible

       Sizes: X = 3, 4  Y = ½, 1, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4.

       Up to 20 units per section


Our company can provide a full customisation service to customer specification in painted or stainless steel using the latest 3D technology


       3D Concept model

       3D Visualisation and Walk Through

       Detailed design

       CAD/CAM manufacturing

       Precision welding

       Choice of colours and textures

Fixed rear access panel – 3D





Reference standards

The Logstrup system is thoroughly type tested according to specifications and requirements in IEC 61439-2 / 60439-1 for Type Tested Switchgear Assemblies (TTA). It conforms to all the regulations of major markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America.


The standard paint finish and internal components can withstand most climatic variations.

Type-tested Switchgear and Controlgear Assembly:

       IEC-61439-2 / 60439-1

       BS EN 60439-1 / 61439-1,2

       EN 60439-1 / 61439-1,2, IEC 60529

       IEC 62208, IEC/TR 61641

       CSA-C22.2 No. 31 & 14

       DIN VDE 0660 part 500, DIN 43671/12.75

       Ships Classifications Societies


The Marine Industry

Our partner Logstrup has been involved in the design and manufacture of Low Voltage Systems for more than 60 years.

During this time the company has been a major supplier to the marine and offshore industries for the following:

  • Main Switchboards
  • Motorcontrol Centres (Fixed/Withdrawable)
  • Control Panels
  • Bridge Control Consoles
  • Water Cooled Drive Panels



The primary demand in today’s society is personal safety. Logstrup marine and offshore achieve the highest safety standards.

  • Type Test acc. IEC 60439-1 / 61439-1,2
  • Internal Arc Test acc. IEC 61641
  • Certified by all major Ship Classifications companies
  • Arc Barriers
  • Thermographic inspection areas
  • Mechanical safety interlocks
  • IP20 internal protection


The framework and cladding system provides the most robust flexible system available:

  • High strength 5 bend profile
  • 2mm Aluzinc material
  • Modular in 3 axes
  • Doors in 1.5mm or 2.0mm
  • IP3X and IP44 standard (IP54 optional)
  • Special colours available
  • Customised door cut-out’s