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Container loading efficiency control method.

Research and construction activity of S-engineering Company is directed to the creation of modern automated control systems of technological processes (ACSTP) of enterprises for grain storage and handling.

The most important and quite power-consuming process of the all these enterprises is the process of grain handling during its reception, underworking and supply. This process is implemented by continuous carriers, which includes conveyors groups of different type's granular materials, including conveyors for vertical handling – cup-type elevators.

Developed method is the most relevant for use in control systems for handling process of granular materials by any types of conveyors with induction drive motors, the loading efficiency of which is being changed in a wide range.

Necessity of this solution is explained by the fact that loading efficiency control of conveyors according to the results of values measurement of any electrical parameters, which feature the consumption by conveyor drive motor (CDM) of the power from its power supply, for example load current, is carried out with low accuracy. Thus, for instance, under the low conveyor loading efficiency the error value may be from the ten to the hundreds per cents (relating to actual load). Errors take place because the measured parameters don't include the energy losses in mag conductor of stator and rotor of CDM. These losses impact to the value of its performance factors and capability, values of which considerably are being changed under the changing of loading efficiency.

The main point of suggested method by S-engineering consists in the fact that for increasing of loading efficiency control accuracy to the control process is included the special results transformation of direct determination of specified below CDM electric parameter. Transformation is carried out using mathematical model of CDM performance value (that complies with selected parameter for control) and has basic computing special feature.

The result is – Efficiency

Increasing of control accuracy of conveyors loading efficiency by granular material using discussed method will allow to human-operator or automatic control system the carrying out of its handling with more efficiency, at the same time preventing conveyors overload. As a result, its application allows reducing of total time for handling, energy consumption and possibility of emergency shutdowns of continuous carriers.

S-engineering Company expands the set of classical control functions of continuous carriers at the expense of new functions implementation.

The subject matter of new technological solutions – is more advanced processing of the traditional information for such ACSTP. Having said so completely the main advantage of modern automation technological devices is used – their almost borderless computational resources. Particular these resources have allowed to us implementing in real time intellectual control algorithms (information processing), based on modern achievements of control theory.

Container loading
efficiency control method