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Medium voltage switchgears OBERON are intended for reception and distribution of electric energy of alternating current power frequency 50/60 Hz. Cells of OBERON are equipped with high-quality switching devices, measuring devices and microprocessing protection devices from leading manufacturers. Assembled switchgears OBERON are  manufactured on the production facilities of S-Engineering according to TU U 27.1-38549151-002: 2014 and according to EN 62271-200.

SM Oberon closedSM Oberon opened

Technical characteristics of OBERON

Parameter name
Quantity value
Rated voltage, kV
Supply frequency, Hz
Nominal test voltage, kV
Rated lightning impulse voltage, kV
Rated breaking current over short-circuit, kA
Rated shock current at 50/60 Hz, kA
Rated current of busbar A
to 3150
Width, mm
600, 750, 1000
Height mm
Depth mm

SM Oberon opened

The main advantages of packaged switchgear series KRU 6-17,5 kV OBERON:

  • Frame design provides increased strength
  • Retractable element does not require inventory carts
  • All compartments separated by metal partitions
  • The withdrawable element is moved from the test position to the working position and back over the closed compartment door
  • Earthing disconnecting switch with spring-controlled whetting
  • Two-stage arc flash protection. The combination with the limit switch components on the decompression pressure control valves
  • Availability of all the necessary blockings from the incorrect actions of personnel
  • The cabinet is made of high quality galvanized steel
  • The voltage transformers are mounted on the withdrawable element