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Bus lines for flexible, reliable and economic energy distribution with amperage up to 6300A, SIEMENS SIVACON 8PS:

Bus lines for flexible, reliable and economic energy distribution with amperage up to 6300A, SIEMENS SIVACON 8PS

  • LX system - reliable energy transfer from transformer to the distribution device in the building.
  • LX system (sandwich type system) is designated for amperage from 800A to 6300A. This system is to be used in multistory buildings and in those places where there is a need to transfer a large amount of energy independently from distribution main.
  • The LX System high security level IP54 guarantees reliable energy distribution in heavily polluted and humid environment. The angle blocks are protected from incorrect installation, which excludes the mistakes during installation. An automatic protection of draw off points guarantees the high level of protection from maintenance personnel touching.

LX system (sandwich type system)

BD2 System - flexible and reliable energy distribution of medium amperage in industry and construction.
BD2 System is designated for amperage from 160A to 1250A. This system is to be used in multistory facilities, in industrial sectors to provide electric power supply for medium consumers and smaller systems such as BD01 and CD-K.

Double reliability

The angle blocks incorrect installation protection and practical installation advices increase the level of personal safety. In case of fire, the fire barrier will isolate the area from gases, steam and liquids. The reliable system's survivability, in case of fire, will provide the operation of the main electric power installations during certain period of time (for example emergency exits lightening). Different bus lines sections length and angles as well as flexible change of the direction allow providing the optimal adaptation to facility structure.

BD2 System BD2 System

BD01 System - electric power supply of small consumers. BD01 System is designated for amperage from 40A up to 160A.

This system is to be used in small enterprises, factory's workshops to supply electric power to small consumers and CD-K System. Docking units' asymmetry ensures correct bus lines assembling. Existence of practical installations advices for the angels on the bus lines sections increase the level of maintenance personal safety. The angels blocks draw off points are opening automatically in case of correct angel block installation. They are automatically closing after angel block removal.

BD01 System System BD01 scope

CD-K System - individual electric power supply of the lightening devices. CD-K System is designated for amperage from 25A up to 40A and mostly used in esthetical purposes (for example for economic electric power supply of lightening devices and small consumers in the supermarkets, shops). Due to high security level IP54 it can be also used in another sectors (for example Agriculture).

Versatility and reliability

Equal tap-points positioning ensures the highest level of flexibility while choosing a place for consumers as together with the angles blocks link-up there is a possibility for further changes. Furthermore, it is possible to hook-up any lightening advice to every bus line point.

Velocity and efficiency

Assemblage construction shows appropriate assembling order. It excludes the mistakes during installation and allows you to accomplish electric installation works fast, effective and without any special instrument.

CD-K System

LD System - flexible energy distribution of high amperage in Industry. Plug-in the bus lines into communication networks, flexible automation with use of bus lines due to the opened systems of data lines EIB and AS-Interface.

LD System is designated for amperage from 1100A up to 5000A. The System transfers energy from transformer of the main distribution shield and secondary distribution devices to the locations with high energy consumption, for example for welding line in automobile industry or for industrial furnaces.

In case of emergency separate bus PE increases crosscut of safety conductive track and ensures total circuit resistance. It permits to increase the bus line length and guarantee functioning of protection device in long distance transmission lines.

Fast installation

LD System is very compact. Plug-in terminals and fast fixation with single bolting ensure simple and affective installation.

LD System LD System

LR System - system in cast epoxy with security level IP68 for reliable transfer the large amount of energy in corrosion environment and under open air.

The bus lines in cast epoxy for energy transfer and distribution are designated for the locations with humid air, corrosion, salt environment which could damage the systems in metal envelops. They are designated for amperage from 800A up to 6300A. But in special cases and after appropriate calculations these numbers can be increased by adding other modules. The standards IEC/EN 60439-1 and 2 are respected.

Reliability in severe environment

Mechanical stability is provided by insulation of conductive track inside of the bus lines by polymer compound which is exceptionally withstandable to chemical agents and mechanical loading and ensures the security level IP68 as well as high withstandability to short-circuit current.

LR System LR System