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Sivacon 8pt - progressive and promising.

"S-ENGINEERING - professionally and qualitatively.
«SIVACON 8PT» technology - a compact solution that gives life to the grandiose plans and the most daring ideas.
Switchgear on technology SIVACON 8PT - an excellent investment in the development of the enterprise. Produced from the standard model and modules, they can solve a variety of tasks, both planned and suddenly appeared at any stage of the use of equipment and upgrade technology by the customer's request at any time without loss of time and substantial investment.
Safety voltage switchgear SIVACON - standard solutions for buildings and industrial facilities.
SIVACON meets the needs of the world market, for example, if it is the wish to obtain a standard solution on the one hand, and on the other - to get it from a local supplier, which results in advantages in financing and near the location of the supplier.
Power Distribution Systems SIVACON available worldwide and can be used at all levels of distribution of electricity with a current up to 7400 A. In plants can be used cabinets with roll-out, plug-and stationary units.
All SIVACON 8PT made exclusively from the standard model and modules. All modules are of high quality and meet Siemens specifications.
Numerous opportunities to combine components implement any requirement. Exclusive use of Siemens high-quality devices offers a long service life and reliable operation.
Modular Technology
· Safety and proven quality of each system through standard tests;
· Siemens devices are for reliable operation;
· Global presence and local production;
· High flexibility for economy solutions;

The main features of SIVACON with the on top  bus system
  • the tested standard combination of  apparatus (TTA)
  • standardized position of busbar at the top of the cabinet
  • 4 and 5-pole system of busbar current up to 7400 A
  • Rated impulse withstand current Ipk up to 375 kA
  • deep slot for universal installation of equipment
  • modular structure of the compartment apparatus
  • installation of a one-sided or back to back
  • cable / bus input above or below
  • cable connection from the front or rear
System flexibility


SIVACON adapts to your requirements

Modular technology makes it possible to optimally adapt SIVACON 8PT to all requirements. 

· Standard horizontal busbar at the top of the cabinet 
· components can be installed in the compartment equipment regardless of the position of the bus system and the depth of cabinets 
· task-oriented division of the degree of internal working space of Form 1A to form 4b (IEC 60439-1) 
· deep slot for machines (from 600mm to 1000mm)

Optimum adaptation to place conditions

• near a wall or free-standing cabinets
· cables or bus can be connected at the top or bottom
· cable compartment located in front or behind
· easy access to buses

Frame and shell

The exact size and strength
The frame consists of solid parts of sheet steel, 
connected to each other: SIVACON 8PT - the exact size and 
thoughtful frame which could to be like with the bolt and 
with welded joints of parts. 

· all perimeter of frame is perforated with a step of 25 mm for individual solutions
· flexible door for any requirements 
· doors open to an angle of 180 ° 
· Spring reliable lock to prevent inadvertent door openings 
· release of pressure through the upper lid 

Powder coating, galvanized
zinc, standard color RAL 7032 (possibly to paint in any
color of  RAL scale) 

Details of frame and shell are made of sheet steel
following thicknesses: frame: 2.5 mm shell: 2.0 mm 

Degree of protection of  IEC 60529
IP 30, IP 31, IP 40, IP41, IP 42 with natural ventilation
IP 40, IP 54 is not vented

Various bus system

Applies to different requirements

Different requirements for busbar systems for individual approach. 
SIVACON 8PT offers modules for economy installation and with the high level of security.

  ·  provision of bus - from top
  ·  bus system for rated currents up to 7400 A
  ·  separation busbar compartment from compartment of the equipment
  ·  Rated impulse withstand current Ipk to 375 kA
  ·  user focused gradation of rated currents
  ·  an easily accessible place for connection of transport units on top
  ·  arc-suppressing barriers to reduce the influence of the arc short-circuit

Cabinets with breakers

Compactness, reliability and ease of operation
Introductory, feeder and sectional cabinets equipped 
roll-out or fixed circuit breakers series 3WL. (ACB) and 3VL (MCB). 
To these cabinets connects a large number of consumers, so they paid special attention 
especially for long-term operation and security staff. 
The form-factor with the power circuit breakers SIVACON meets these requirements. 

Compact and reliable
· a high degree of security through the use of typical tested apparatus (TTA)
· test and disconnected position in closed doors
· circuit breaker is installed in a separate compartment, each compartment can have its own door
· optimum connection conditions for each range of rated current
· Cable or Bus connection at the top or bottom

Ease in operation 3WL.
Roll-out or fixed mounting type breakers 3WL from Siemens are used for 
rated current from 630 to 6300 A. This means: 
     · Free choice of a power without affecting the technical details 
     · High resistance to short-term short-circuit currents. 
     · protection against short circuits with high-speed temporary control of selectivity (ZSS) with 
very low latency (50 ms) 
     · LCD display for indication of operating currents (without ammeters and current transformers) 
     · Indication and control without the need of opening doors

Breaker compartment

• safe movement of circuit breaker with door closed
· A provision for maintenance always allow an inspection without removing the switch

Moving the switch when the door is closed
Compartment for cable or bus

· Connection of cable or bus can be in the top or on the down side
· Depending on the nominal current compartment provides the optimum conditions for a cable or bus
· installation time is reduced due optimal connection compartment

Construction with roll-out modules

The high degree of preparedness and always safe
Cabinet for cable feeders or motor of roll-out  modules - provides a high level of comfort operation and optimum security and high availability setup. 
Thanks to the roll-out principle it is become possible to make quick replacement or upgrading modules. Individual modules can be added or replaced. Even the compartments can be changed during  time. Roll-out construction SIVACON provides the highest degree of readiness of equipment.

· a high degree of security through the use of TTA
· feeder up to 250 kW 
· main protection apparatus with fuses or circuit breaker 
· Test and disconnected position. 
· unified control panel all roll-out modules 
· Insulating gaps on the side of supply and load 
· optimum height of rolling-out  modules ranging from 100 mm 
· slot for cable connections on the back or front or on side 
· easy adaptation to changing operating conditions without shutting down the installation

Construction with roll-out modules

SIVACON roll-out modules ensure safety 

of operation and changes

· standardized constructive modules of height: 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 mm 
· clearly visible position roll-out module (working, test and unset) 
· an integrated lock in all modules 
· plug-connector on 40 contacts and additional SUB-D connector (optional) 
· Rotating facing panel to adjust the apparatus module (module height of 200 mm) 
· For easy movement of roll-out module at current of 250 A determined drive 
· the ability to install auxiliary devices 
· lockable disconnecting position of the module ensures safe operation of staff

The high degree of preparedness and  always safe

Fast replacement of the roll-out module
Front cable connection
Rear cable connection
System plug-in buses is located in the rear of the cabinet. 
It is protected from the touch of a finger and does not require a 
additional measures to protect live parts.

 ·   Built-in protection against electric shock
 ·   3 - and 4-pole versions
 ·   Protection against finger touch (IP 20 V)
 ·   Perforations with a pitch of 25 mm

The flexibility and reliability of adaptation to changing requirements 

· Easy conversion module without shutting down the cabinet
· no need to change the wiring compartment of roll-out module 
· Connect power and control cables in separate Cable Cover 
· Cable connection compartment optionally width 400 mm (front) or 600 mm (rear) 

Plug-construction OFPM

Quickly replacing, always secure

Cabinets feeder motors and cables in a plug form factor is a cost-effective alternative to roll-out construction. 
With a plug contacts on the side of supply is ensured the fast replacement of slots without disconnecting 
cabinet. SIVACON plug-linings provides excellent economy, reliability and flexibility.

  ·   high level of security due to the typical tested apparatus (TTA)
  ·   plug-contacts on the side of supply for fast replacement of modules
  ·   feeders engines up to 250 kW
  ·   off-cable feeders up to 630 A
  ·   Protection by fuses or circuit breaker
  ·   High density mounting (up to 22 feeders in the closet)
  ·   Protection against electric shock
  ·   side rails to ensure a reliable contact
  ·   compartment cable connections are 400 mm wide
  ·   Control Panel on the door (optional)
  ·   circuit board to support the administrative apparatus
  ·   replacement of the feeder without turning off the rack

 Plug-in construction

System plug-in buses
System plug-in is located in the rear buses part of the cabinet. 
It protects live parts from accidental contact with a finger.

 ·   Built-in protection from injury byelectricity (optional)
 ·   3 - and 4-pole response
 ·   degree of protection from contact with IP 20B
 ·   Step perforations 25 mm 

Cable connection 

 •   Power cables connected directly to commutation apparatus
 ·   Power terminal blocks and connectors of management  chains
 ·   width 400 mm cable compartment

The construct  with withdrawing CABLE FEEDER

Economy, reliable and diverse

Breakers or fuses (normal or narrow profile), it all depends to the task. These cabinets are used for tasks in which the replacement of feeders during operation is not required or where appropriate a shot term shutting.  Cases for feeder cables of stationary performance and equipped with automatic.

Cabinets SIVACON stationary linings offer excellent savings, 
safety and multiplicity of solutions.

 ·  a high degree of safety thanks to TTA
 ·  independent combination of modules of cable feeders
 ·  rapid conversion cable feeders due to a universal side-bus system
 ·  Easy replacement of cable feeders after disconnecting set 

The modular cable feeders

The modular cable feeders enable an independent set, and making changes or adapt as necessary.

·  modular slots with a switch or fuse-disconnector may be installed at the desired location
·  free combination of cable feeders inside one cabinet
·  circuit boards with adjustable installation depth
·  cable feeders with or without current measurement
·  circuit breakers can be mounted on a plug sockets

Cable feeders in individual compartments 

The form-factor with individual compartments for each circuit breaker or fuse-disconnector is proposed to improve the security of installation and maintenance personnel.

 •   separate compartments with doors for each circuit breaker
 ·   circuit breaker 3VL with or without plug-cap
 ·   a high form of internal division to form 4b
 ·   optimal conditions for the cable connections in the cable compartment, which can be located on

> Stationary construction with narrow-purpose fuse-disconnectors 3NJ4 

efficiency, reliability, multivariate

Narrow-purpose fuses, circuit breakers 

Narrow-purpose fuses, circuit breakers provide high density 
thanks to its compact design and modular structure. 

·   cable feeders up to the current 630 with or without current measurement
·   25 feeders can be installed in each cabinet
·   replacement of the fuses in the deenergized conditions

Low cost and increased safety

Cabinet for central compensation of reactive 
power of consumers reduces the load on transformers, 
reduces losses in transmission and reduces the cost of 

Electronic controller for installation on cabinet doors

·  multifunction display
·  self-adaptation value C/k 
·  adjustable setting cos phi from 0.8 to 0.98 inductive capacitive load
·  Manual/automatic control
·  6 or 12 steps commutation 

Modules of up to 100 kVAr capacitors consist of: 

•  load break switch with fuses
·  Contactors for capacitors
·  MKK capacitors
·  dischargers
·  filter restrictor(optional)

Quick installation, always safe. 

Plug narrow-profile breakers with fuses 3NJ6.

Plug-construction with narrow-profile switches with fuse is an alternative low-price roll-out construction. Due to the input side plug-in contact and their compact design modules can be easily  and quickly replaced without powering down the installation. With a plug SIVACON design offers a high degree of economic efficiency, security and flexibility. 

·   a high degree of safety due to TTA
·   plug-contacts on the supply side input enable quick replacement
·   narrow switches for cable feeders up to 630 A available in the following form factor:

      - Modules with fuses
      - Load switches with fuses (with one break)
      - Load switches with fuses (with two breaks)
     - Circuit-breakers

·   high density mounting up to 34 feeders in the closet
·   the change of fuses in the absence of stress
·   protection against electric current from the plug-bus system
·   400 and 600 mm - the width of the cable cover
·   degree of protection up to IP 40
·   the possibility of replacing the feeder without powering down the entire switchgear


Free projected cabinets

Plenty of space for free installation

Possible to install various components to solve any tasks. For example, for tasks requiring the use of programmable controllers, frequency converters, soft starters, regulators, etc

·   4-pole vertical bus system
·   rated current up to 1200 A
·   rated short-circuit current of 65 kA Isw
·   single door to the entire cabinet
·   installation of various components
DATA. Summary table
Typical installation of low voltage distribution to the bus system back

Low voltage switchboards SIVACON 8PT - a standard solution for infrastructure projects in industry and buildings (administrative and functional buildings, as well as industrial and commercial building). SIVACON gives you complete power distribution unit (main switchboards and auxiliary distribution panels). It is available worldwide for all tasks up to 3200 A fixed or plug-linings with the use of withdraw able breaker SENTRON 3WL.

· Safety and proven quality for every system due to TTA
· Siemens Switching devices for reliable operation
· Worldwide presence and local production
· High flexibility for economical solutions


Main features SIVACON 8PT with bus system on back

· typical tested device with combination vehicles (TTA)
· different positions of busbar on back of the cabinet
· 4- and 5-pole system busbar current up to 3200 A
· rated impulse withstand current Irk to 187 kA
· the possibility of various combinations
· installation of one-sided and back-to-back
· cable entry from the top or bottom

SIVACON adapts to your requirements

Modular technology enables optimum adaptation SIVACON to any requirements.

· the different placing of the bus system on back of the cabinet (top and / or bottom)
· any components can be installed in the equipment slot
· user-oriented division into compartments cover-busbar - separation between adjacent cabinets

Optimum adaptation to the conditions of premises:

· near a wall or detached
· cables and buses may be fitted above or below
· cable connection from the front
· base (200 mm) with removable lids to facilitate the placement of wires and control cables


The exact size and solid frame
The framework consists of rigid steel plate parts connected to each other: SIVACON - the exact size and rigid frame with bolted joints of parts.

· perforation around the frame with a step of 25 mm for individual decisions
· door opens to 180°
· door lock with a bar or rotary
· 200-mm optional pedestal

· galvanized frame parts and plinth
· galvanized cap
· powder coating side panels, doors and lids cap

The frame and the shell made of steel next thickness:

Frame, base 2.5 mm 5.jpg
Cap 1.5mm
Doors 2.0mm
The separation wall, the bottom 1.0mm
Degree of protection IES 60529
IР30, IР31, IР40, IР41 
with natural ventilation
IP 54 unventilated


Meets a wide range of requirements
Different requirements for bus systems usually lead to individual solutions. SIVACON offers modules for economy design with a high level of security.

· rear bus system
· bus system is designed for nominal currents up to 3200A
· user focused gradation of rated currents
· rated withstand peak current Irk do187kA 
· compartment busbar compartment is separated from the device 
· in the closet can be installed two bus systems 
· connection points between transport units are easily accessible from the front 
· maintenance-free connection busbars
· additional barriers to effective suppression of the arc (option)



The form-factor with the power circuit breakers
compactness, reliability and ease of handling

For an introduction, feeder, or a cabinet with power circuit breakers connected a large number of consumers. Long-term and reliable operation and safety of staff - this is the most important requirements for the switchgear. Our cabinets are equipped SIVACON stationary or roll-out circuit breakers 3WL (DIA) or, alternatively, compact circuit breakers 3WL (MSSV). For this reason, they are particularly convenient in operation and ensure maximum safety.

Compact and reliable

· high degree of safety thanks to typical tested device combinations (TTA)
· test and disconnected position with door closed
· power switch is integrated in a separate compartment, each - with a separate door
· optimal conditions for the connection of conductors for each range of rated current
· Increased safety for installers due to optimum separation in the closet

3WL very easy to handle
Stationary or roll-out Siemens 3WL circuit breaker is used for nominal currents from 630 to 3200A. This means:

· free choice of input power without affecting the technical details
· high resistance to rapid currents of short circuit and selective protection of up to 400 ms ensures reliable operation of lines, not affected by short-circuit
· Protection against short circuit currents through the selectivity-speed control (ZSS) with very low latency (50 ms)
· LCD control screen to indicate operating currents (without ammeters and current transformers) 

Indication and control of a closed door

Compartment device

· safe movement breaker with door closed
· A provision for maintenance allows the inspection of work in place without removal of the circuit breaker, but rolling it

Compartment for cable or bus
· by choice cable can be connected from the top or bottom
· depending on the estimated current compartment provides optimum conditions for cable or bus
· the optimum size of the compartments reduce installation time



Efficiency, reliability and multi-variant

Cases for feeder in hard-mounted form factor equipped with narrow-profile fuse-disconnectors. These fuses, circuit breakers are easy to install thanks to their compact design and modular structure.
These cabinets are used for applications where devices do not require replacement during operation process.
These cabinets SIVACON 8PT hard-mounted linings are low cost, flexible and secure solutions.

· high degree of safety thanks to the TTA.
· cable feeders up to 630 A with or without current measurement.
· 24 feeder can be installed in each cabinet
· replacement fuses de-energized
· optional - cut out the door
· optional - Set of quickly with Linear switches and fuse-disconnectors up to 160 A (control the door)


Quick installation, always safe

Plug-in construction  feeder is a low price alternative to roll-out construction.
Thanks to the input-side plug-in contact and their compact design modules can be easily and quickly replaced without powering down the installation.
With a plug design, SIVACON offers a high degree of economic efficiency, security and flexibility.

· high degree of safety due to TTA
· plug-in  contacts on the side of the input power supply enable quick replacement
· narrow-profile switches for cable feeders up to 630 A are available in the following form factor:

   - Modules with fuses
   - Switch load fuse (with one break)
   - Switch load fuse (with two breaks)
   - Circuit-breakers

· High density mounting up to 32 feeders in the closet
· The change of fuses in the absence of stress
· Protection against electric shock from plug-in bus system
· 400 and 600mm - the width of the cable cover degree of protection to IP 41
· the possibility of replacing the feeder without powering down the entire switchgear

Low cost and high security 
Cases for the centralized reactive power compensation lightens the load on transformers and cables, reduce transmission losses and reduce the cost of electricity. Depending on the type of load, they can be equipped with modules with throttles or without them.

The control module with electronic control of reactive power installed in the door
· multifunction display
· self-adaptation value С/к 
· adjustable set point cos phi from 0.8 inductive to 0.98 capacitive load
· manual / automatic control power capacitors up to 100 kVAr
· disconnectors with fuses
· contactors for capacitors
· MKK capacitors
· dischargers
· filter chokes

Testing of low voltage distribution systems to include the localization ability of standards IEC 1641 and VDE 0660, Section 500, Annex 2, to the special tests. These tests allow assessing the risks to which people are vulnerable in the event of an arc short circuit. Test results cabinets SIVACON on localization ability have become standard in evaluating their security personnel during short circuits.

1. Do not open doors, lids, etc.
2. Do not allowed dispersal of parts.
3. Do not allow blasting holes in clothing
4. Do not permit the inflammation indicators.
5. Circuit from contact details should retain its function. 

Additional elements of the localization of the arc short circuit inside the switchgear.

- Localization and within the same enclosure (barrier)
- Location within the disposable worker compartment or place of origin
- Isolation of the main busbar