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SIVACON S4 system is a system of low voltage switchboards for indoor use, equipped with panels on all four sides. Possible as an independent installation and mounting on a wall.

Cell switchgear |top|

The composition of the cell - a system of bearing profiles of thickness 2.5 mm, which are inserted into one another to form a box. This provides rigidity load-bearing structure that serves all add-ons - assembly kits, bus systems, mounting, etc.
Stability and reliability of a design is achieved through the use of Torx screws cut it self. Also, potential equalization is achieved and the safe grounding of all parts of the installation.

Housing |top|

Elements of the body, made of galvanized sheet steel, are selected depending on the size unit to which they are installed. In addition, various exterior panels (walls and doors) to allow different degrees of protection: IP 30/31, 40/41 IP or IP 55. Walls and doors – powder painting RAL 7035 with the effect of shagreen leather. Along with the standard bilateral locking systems, doors can be equipped with multiple types of operating mechanisms, including rotating handles, locks, or without them, to meet any needs. Plastron finished installation kits are equipped with captive screws quickly twisting.

Bus System |top|

System current tire SIVACON S4 allows scaling of nominal currents corresponding to the nominal currents up to 4000 A and currents KZ standard transformers. It is possible to create systems with network configurations such as TN-C, TN-S, IT and TT. Bus systems are available as vertical distribution of cascade versions up to 1600 A or non-cascad versions up to 2700 A.

Internal division |top|

Depending on individual requirements, the internal partitions can be obtained form 1 to form 4. Mounting kits for open and closed circuit breakers, disconnectors SENTRON, various modular devices have a wide range of specialized installation kits.

Modular adjustable mounting bases, as well as components for ventilation and air conditioning complete range of devices for assembling boards.

Installation kits are designed for installation Sentron WL and VL breakers in steady and in the drawer performance, various disconnectors, as well as suites with DIN-rail for a wide variety of modular devices BETA.

The components of the cell and installation kits are made of galvanized sheet-plated steel.

Parts of the body, such as the side walls and doors, protected by powder coated with the effect of shagreen leather RAL 7035.

Components for ventilation and air conditioning complete line of components SIVACON S4.


General properties |top|

  • Tip AS (TTA-TSK) power distribution boards in accordance with EN 60439-1.
  • Delivery System "Flat Pack" (including fasteners, instructions on assembling DIY).
  • New design, ventilation and closure system.
  • Powder coating with shagreen leather effect RAL 7035.
  • Remounting door hung with a universal stopper.
  • Degree of protection IP30, IP31, IP40, IP41, IP55
  • Bus systems - rated current up to 4000 A, short-circuit current ICW up to 100 kA peak current to 220 kA.
  • Height 2000 mm Width: 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm.
  • Depth 400, 600, 800 mm.
  • Kits Sentron 3WL, 3VL, 3KA, 3KL switches, Beta.
  • Complete with current tires for Sentron 3WL, 3VL
  • Internal division of forms 1, 2, 3, 4.