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"S-engineering" is the official partner of the Department "Digital Factory & Process Drives" and "Automation and buildings safety" of subsidiary enterprise "Siemens Ukraine" in the status of Siemens Solution Partner Automation.

Our company is the Technology Partner of SIEMENS on the technology SIVACON S8 and SIVACON 8PT and was the FIRST and the ONLY one in Ukraine received a license to use WITHDRAWABLE (1/2, 1/4). The work of our company complies with all quality standards set down by the concern SIEMENS AG.

Quality and precision of product global technical requirements become tougher. This leads to the increase of technological equipment at production. Less space remains for engineering systems, including power supply and technological processes control systems.

SIEMENS keeps pace with the time and with the development of technological processes and creates new technologies. SIEMENS technology SIVACON S8 complies with strict requirements to minimize the occupied space, which is achieved not only by using the quick roll-out modules with load feeders, but also by their size.

Earlier, such withdrawable assembly occupied the entire width of the box but now it can take half (1/2 module) and even quarter (1/4 module) of the box. Thus, clients receive module system, quick feeder replacement and also a system that occupies four times less space that analogue systems.

“S-Engineering” is a Technology Partner of Siemens in technology SIVACON


Our company is the first and only in Ukraine that has license for the use of withdrawable units of reduced size and ready to provide clients with solutions for power supply and technological processes control systems, which meets the strict safety requirements, quick replacement and obviously - minimization of occupied space.

Low voltage switchboards in a new dimension

Sivacon S8 - reliability and elegance


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The Lord of the energy |top|

With our support

Large amounts of energy, an infinite number of consumers around the clock with supplied parts? With our standardized products and systems you will always remain master of the situation, in any situation and throughout the life cycle of low-voltage switching installation (NCA). Standardized high-tech components allow significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with investments in capital equipment. Modularity and intelligence of all components many times to justify themselves by reducing operating costs and ensuring maximum availability.

Within the original concept of an integrated power supply (TIP) Siemens offers unique solutions for electricity distribution from medium-voltage substations to the usual outlets. Communications capabilities of our CLE allow efficient embedded into automation systems for industrial processes and buildings and make a significant contribution to saving energy and money. In the distribution of electricity Siemens offers its customers a solid system, which includes:

¦ Systems SIMATIC power control to control energy flows


¦ Electrical Busbars SIVACON

¦ Switching and Protection Devices SENTRON

¦ Program Simaris Design for calculations and design of low voltage electrical networks.




Sivacon S8

Design of LVCD |top|

Maximum reliability and attractive appearance SIVACON S8 complement each other in effectively designed and easy distribution of electricity to 7000 and administrative and industrial buildings, as well as in continuous manufacturing processes. Along with the wide-ranging additions to enhance the protection of personnel and equipment to the new design opens up for these patch panel’s entirely new application.


Rich, great benefits

¦ Maximum reliability thanks to a fully tested standard components (tested LVCD)

¦ Maximum safety for operating personnel due to the sustained arc short circuit design

¦ Perfect for the integration of industrial design in the modern spatial LVCD solutions

¦ Compact. The area of the installation of one section of 400 x 500 mm

¦ Location of busbar on top or rear

¦ Combining different methods of installation in one section

¦ Flexible harmonization of internal separation of individual customer requirements

¦ Easily modified sample door by universal hinges

¦ Efficient ventilation

¦ Connecting cables and tires, top, bottom or rear


Tested and reliable

SIVACON S8 is a fully tested standard combination of low-voltage switchgear (PI NCA), which corresponds to the physical properties of both workers and emergency situations. Conducted in the development of the new system the final model testing according to IEC 60439-1, DIN EN 60439-1 can guarantee the highest degree of security for equipment and personnel.

Test results on the localization ability of the arc short circuit according to IEC 61641 and VDE 0660, Part 500, sheet 2 also apply to LVCD SIVACON as standard.





Exceptional comfort in use: |top|

Section with circuit breakers

Section of input supply, distribution and partitioning are equipped with open circuit breakers SENTRON 3WL a drawer or a steady performance, or alternatively compact switches SENTRON 3VL. Since these sections are usually connects a large number of consumers, they attached particular importance in terms of long-term protection of equipment and personnel. Compact and reliable LVCD SIVACON meets these requirements in all respects.


Compartment for auxiliary devices

¦ Optimal conditions for accommodation fees with auxiliary devices, including device control and blocking

¦ For a change fee is separated from the power module and retrieved


Equipment compartment

¦ Safely move the circuit breaker when the door is closed

¦ Workshop location allows us to inspect on the spot, without removing the circuit breaker


Compartment for connection of the cable or bus

¦ Arbitrary top or bottom cable connection or tires

¦ Dimensions compartments for different nominal currents create optimal conditions for connecting the cable and tire

¦ Optimization compartment connections reduce installation time




¦ High reliability due to the use of typical standard cells (tested LVCD)

¦ Test and disconnected position with door closed

¦ Dimensions section of the correct size of the circuit breaker

(Width 400 mm to 1600 A, 600 mm to 3200 A, width of 800 mm to 4000 A, width 1000 mm to 6300 A)


¦ Optimal conditions for connecting to each range of rated currents

¦ Lower / upper Cabling / Bus

¦ Standard adapters for connecting busbars SIVACON 8PS


SENTRON 3WL easy to handle, easy to maintain

¦ The range of nominal current of 630 to 6300

¦ The arbitrary choice of direction input power without limitation technical parameters

¦ High thermal resistance for the selective on-time protection against short circuits up to 400 ms ensures reliable operation of parts of the installation not affected by short-circuited

¦ Protection against short circuits by selective zonal control (ZSS) at very short latency (50 ms) regardless of the number of steps in the cascade

¦ LCD display indicating the operating current in the control panel without additional ammeters and current transformers




Individual combinations |top|

Section universal mounting


Pull and plug-in units

In many cases there is need to ensure the optimal size of LVCD. At the same time in one section, combining different methods of installation. Section LVCD universal mounting SIVACON offer efficiency, reliability and multiplicity of solutions through a combination of feeder drawer performance, in the form of removable blocks, fixed installation and feeders with removable 3NJ6. With frequent changes in requirements, for example, when you install another engine power, or when new load the necessary flexibility can be achieved through a change drawer units, a concept which takes into account the requirements of ergonomics. Simple and confident service \providing high level of availability of equipment.




System plug-in buses

The system is plug-in tires in the rear section. It provides protection from contact with live parts with his finger, even without protective curtain.

¦ Protection of the arc short circuit

¦ Separation of phases

¦ 3 - and 4-pole response

¦ Protection from touching finger (IP20B)

¦ Holes for pickup voltage in increments of 50 mm for the standard and miniature sliding blocks



¦ Blinds double-action for Standard sliding blocks



Adapter for miniature withdrawable units

A system of plug-in buses and has a connection for power supply, taps and control lines for miniature blocks of size ? and ?.

¦ Protection of the arc short circuit

¦ Separation of phase’s

¦ 3 - and 4-pole response

¦ Protection from touching finger (IP20B)

¦ Holes for pickup voltage max. for 4 drawer units envelope ? or 2 ? blocks of dimension



¦ Curtains for miniature sliding blocks



Withdrawable units SIVACON are reliable and safe: |top|

Maintenance and operation



¦ High reliability due to the typical standard components (tested LVCD)

¦ Uniform Management sliding blocks all types and sizes

¦ Correct size drawer units Breaking capacity (miniature blocks, building blocks)

¦ Absence of parts beyond the contour of a sliding block (protection from harm)

¦ Built-in lock from errors in service at all sliding blocks

¦ Unique display of a sliding block

¦ Separate control main switch and the position of sliding block

¦ Ensuring that the test and disconnected position with door closed without violating the degree of protection

¦ locking in disconnected position

¦ Patented contacts with long lifetime

¦ Option coding sliding blocks prevents errors when installing the unit the same size

¦ Turning on the standard toolbar sliding blocks to change the settings in the process of work

¦ Standard sliding blocks for motor and cable assemblies up to 630 A

¦ Miniature sliding blocks for motor and cable assemblies up to 63 A

¦ Safety and safety free feeder assembly







Miniature folding blocks

¦ Dimensions ? and ? height of 150 mm and 200 mm (up to 48 units per section)

Standard sliding blocks

¦ The height from 100 mm to 700 mm (up to 18 blocks in the section)

Optional performance as a removable unit (design similar to the standard slide-in unit)

¦ Fixed contact system and the connector of the auxiliary circuits (removable block moves)

¦ Only the working and separated position (test and disconnected position available)

¦ Built-in lock from errors in service



Easy move blocks and lack of mechanical resistance in the connectors |top|




Flexibility and security to adapt to new requirements

¦ Simple modifications, alterations or compartments without shutting down the section

¦ No action on connecting to the drawer unit

¦ Contact us to connect power and control cables in a separate compartment

¦ Front-end cable connection compartment width 400 mm or 600 mm

¦ The rear compartment of cable connections a width of 600 mm and a width of 600 mm section

¦ Connecting the control cables to the spring or screw terminals




¦ Built-in full motor protection

¦ Large volume control functions

¦ Comfortable diagnosis

¦ Work Offline with each feeder via operator panel

¦ Reduce the amount of hardware and wired connections



Individual combination:

Universal mounting section


Stationary units in the compartments with doors and removable 3NJ6

In many cases it requires an integrated solutions.

At the same time in one section should combine.

Different ways of installation. Here shields SIVACON are leaders in efficiency, reliability and multi-variant with the ability to combine feeder assembly steady-state performance with removable feeder assemblies 3NJ6.




¦ High reliability due to the typical standard components (tested LVCD)

¦ Cable assemblies up to 630 A with the current measurement and without

¦ A combination of different methods of installation (fixed and detachable cable assemblies)

¦ Arbitrary combination of modules of functional blocks

¦ Additional items for practical separation of the functional compartments (up to form 4b)

¦ Party Service is powered by either a solid door or doors separate compartments

¦ Cable connection compartment width 400 mm or 600 mm


Vertical distribution bus

A variety of options for connecting cables, wires and busbars without drilling holes

The separation

Oriented to the user's requirements kinds of the separation and integration of security requirements

Patented terminals

for connecting power cable to the internal division of type 4b



Tight Integration:

Fixed installation with facial lids


In some cases there is no need to replace components without interrupting production or have an opportunity to short breaks. Here, high efficiency, safety, and provide multivariate section SIVACON fixed installation with facial covers.


¦ High reliability due to the typical standard components (tested LVCD)

¦ Cable assemblies up to 630 A with the current measurement and without

¦ Free combination of modules of functional blocks

¦ Innovative attachment for facial lobes

¦ Facial covers on turning frames for easy commissioning and service

¦ Additional items for practical separation of the functional compartments (up to form 4b)

¦ Party Service is equipped with a facial or a solid lid on the height of the door sections

¦ Door with clear glass for integration into modern premises

¦ Cable connection compartment width 400 mm or 600 mm




Latches or facial cover on the rotating frame

¦ Innovative latches for an easy and quick installation of facial lobes

¦ The front cover on the rotary frame for easy commissioning and serviceability


Single or multiple feeder assembly

¦ Smooth regulation of fees for the installation of devices in the same plane on the front

¦ Office through the front door

¦ assemblies with a plug socket or without


Wiring devices

¦ Aluminium mounting rail for mounting wiring devices





Economical installation: |top|

Section stationary 3NJ4


Section for cable assemblies fixed installation equipped with strips fused-
switch-disconnector load, which due its compactness and modularity provide optimal for economic indicators used this technology infrastructure.


¦ High reliability due to the typical standard components (tested LVCD)

¦ Cable assemblies up to 630 A with the current measurement and without

¦ Ability to set one section of 14 cable assemblies

¦ Changing the fuses in the deenergized mode

¦ The doors at the request of either continuous or with a cutout

¦ Optional installation modules quickly mounted system or mounting rails

¦ The width of the section 600 mm and 800 mm




Rapid upgrade: |top|

Section of removable 3NJ6


Switching devices in the form strips with plug-contacts on the side I represent the cost alternative to the sliding blocks and provide for its modularity easy and fast
upgrading or replacing non-stop production. LVCD SIVACON - a symbol efficiency, reliability and flexibility.


¦ High reliability due to the typical standard components (tested LVCD)

¦ Disconnectors load with a double break for cable assemblies up to 630 A

¦ Built-in current transformers (replacementing)

¦ Manual or motor drive

¦ Accessories for self-retrofitting

¦ High density mounting - up to 35 taps at the section

¦ Cable connection compartment width 400 mm or 600 mm

¦ Degree of protection up to IP41 can be replaced without shutting down the apparatus of each LVCD



Savings: |top|
Compensation of reactive power


Reactive power arises in the electrical chains of linear inductive loads (motors, transformers, chokes) and inductive non-linear load (rectifier, welding machines, set point and the three-phase alternating currents or plants uninterruptable power supply).




Electronic control of reactive power to be installed on cabinet doors

¦ Multi-function display

¦ Automatic tuning values of C/k

¦ Adjustable setting cos phi from 0.8 ind. 0,8 emk.

¦ Manual/automatic mode

¦ Display of the network parameters U, I, f, cos phi, P, S, Q upper harmonics


Capacitor module (up to 200 kVAr)

¦ Fuse-disconnector load

¦ Capacitor contactors

¦ ICC Capacitors

¦ Dischargers

¦ Chokes filtering circuits


Module load disconnector

¦Option to centrally disable built-in modules capacitors provide a visible gap




All under protection:

Localization ability

Tests LVCD in the face of short-arc circuit, refer to special tests according to IEC 61641 or VDE 0660, Part 500, sheet 2. These tests allow assess the risks which may be subject to staff event of an arc short circuit inside the section. Such tests used to confirm security of LVCD SIVACON standard of performance.





1. Doors, lids, etc., must remain closed.

2. Details are to remain in their places.

3. There should not be burning holes in the shell.

4. May not be indicators of inflammation.

5. Must be preserved electrical circuit continuity

protective conductor (PC).


Additional elements

To limit the impact of arc short circuit within the LVCD:

¦ Localization in one section (choke barriers)

¦ Fully insulated main busbar




All requirements counts

The principle of modularity, as in a separate section, and a complete set switchgear allows optimally adapted to any LVCD requirements customer.

¦ Regulation main busbars can be top or rear

¦ Any equipment hardware compartments regardless of the position and depth of busbar sections

¦ Oriented tasks internal division of LVCD by types 1 to 4 (DIN EN 60439-1)

¦ The possibility of combining in one section of different methods of mounting (retractable and removable units, fixed installation and on pedestals) (section of the universal mounting) Optimum adaptation to the conditions of premises

¦ Install aligned to the front or rear of all types of sections

¦ Install sections - one line, two-row or back to back"

¦ Connecting a cable or bus from the top, bottom or rear

¦ The height of the shield at the request of 2000 mm or 2200 mm

¦ Cap 100 mm or 200 mm (optional)


Rapid alignment with the new technical requirements

¦ Quick-change or increase the functional units

¦ Good accessibility busbar

¦ Rapid design and delivery of additional orders by the modular equipment






Flexibility in every respect:|top|

Various challenges of LVCD, require individual choices of implementation. In all decisions - from "Simple" systems to multi-networks with transverse and longitudinal sectioning - LVCD SIVACON combines efficiency structure and high quality.

¦ Top or rear position of busbar

¦ Busbar systems for nominal currents up to 7000 A

¦ Electrodynamic (Ipk) up to 330 kA

¦ The ability to integrate the two systems in the LVCD busbar

¦ Easy access to places of transport connections in the front or top

¦ Do not require service connection busbars


¦ Arcing barriers to contain the arc in the same section

¦ Fully insulated main busbar





Technical data. Overview table

Normative base LVCD, which took all the standard tests (tested LVCD)

GOST R 51321.1-2000 IEC 60439-1 DIN EN 60439-1 (VDE 0660 Part 500)

Checking the localization ability of the arc short-circuit

IEC 61641, VDE 0660, Part 500, Appendix 2

(Ue up to 440 V, Icw up to 50 kA, t = 100 ms)

Protection against electric shock

DIN EN 50274, VDE 0660, Part 5


Rated insulation voltage (Ui)

Rated operating voltage(Ue)

Main chain

Main chain

1000 V

to 690 V

Air clearances and leakage paths

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimр

Overvoltage category


8kV / 12kV


lll / lV




(3 - and 4-pole)

Main busbars


Rated current


Thermal stability(Icw)

700 А

up to 330 кA

up to 150 кA

  Busbars vertical for the sections with circuit breakers

Rated current


Thermal stability(Icw)

up to 6300А

up to 220 кA

up to 100 кА

  Busbars vertical for sections of a universal and fixed installation

Rated current


Thermal stability(Icw)

up to 1600 A

up to 143 кA

up to 65 кA*

  Vertical Busbars for the sections with 3NJ4 (stationary)

Rated current

Nominal rated current (Icc)


up to 1600 A

up to 50 кA

  Vertical bubars vertical for the sections with 3NJ6 (socket)

Rated current

Electrodynamic (Ipk)

Thermal stability (Icw)

up to 2100 A

up to 110 кA

up to 50 кA*

Rated currents automatics  

Automatic 3WL/3VL

Cable assemblies

up to 6300 A

up to 630 A

Internal division Types 1 to 4

IEC 60439-1, Part 7.7,

VDE 0660, part 500, 7.7


(Painting according to DIN 43656)

Details frame, skirting



The rear wall, lid

Vent cover

Standard color powder coating (the thickness of the layer of paint 100 ± 25 microns)

Hot dip galvanizing

Powder coating

Powder coating

Hot dip galvanizing

Powder coating