Cabinets NP-series represent series of universal electrical floor cabinets designed for installation both indoors and outdoors. Cabinets NP-series have a built-up frame structure and are made of high quality sheet steel. Unstained parts of hardware are made of galvanized steel according to EN 10346 with a covering ZN 275 density of 275 g/m2.

Cabinets NP-series Cabinets NP-series

Cabinets NP-series are shipped completely assembled. Basic equipment includes a mounting card made of galvanized steel. Standard painting color - RAL 7035.

Technical characteristics:

Table. Technical characteristic of Electrical floor cabinet of NP-series

Parameter name
Parameter value
Degree of protection
Up to and including IP54
Resistance to external mechanical impacts
Angle of door opening
Connection options
Up and down
The frame and the circuit board
Galvanized steel sheet 2 mm thick
Sheet steel 2 mm thick coated with powder
Side walls
Sheet steel 1 mm thick coated with powder polymeric coating
Top and bottom panels
Galvanized steel sheet 1.5 mm thick
Back wall
Galvanized steel sheet 1.0 mm thick
Color of painted parts
RAL 7035
Material of door gasket (for IP54)
Ethylene-propylene three-component copolymer

Cabinets NP-series

The main advantages of cabinets NP-series:

  • High precision fit of constructive elements and high-quality materials and accessories
  • Wide range of typical sizes
  • Used galvanized bended sheet steel sections have high rigidity and resistance to corrosion
  • Galvanized perforated frame is the technological solution and is able to bear the various elements of the construction and cabinet installation such as ground circuit
  • Hinges design provides the maximum door opening angle of 180 °
  • Easy for quick and easy installation of equipment
  • Connecting cables and busbars from the top or from the bottom
  • Combining different mounting configurations in one section
  • Implementation of individual requirements with keeping unchangeable high quality