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Multipurpose wall mounted cabinets NS-series steel sheet made with blind doors are practical and durable for indoor and outdoor installation. Wall mounted cabinets NS-series include a wide range of products sizes.

Wall mounted cabinets NS-series

Standard supply package includes: a cabinet, a key, circuit board, brackets for wall mounting. Other arrangements of complete sets are possible by the request of the customer.

Technical characteristics

Table: The main technical characteristics of electrical wall cabinet NS-series:

Parameter name
Parameter value
Ingress protection (GOST 14254)
Up to and including IP54
Resistance to external mechanical impact
RAL 7035
Sheet steel 1.5 mm thick
The powder polymer
Angle of door opening
Connection options
Up and down
On the main body and doors
Material of door gasket (for IP54)
Ethylene-propylene three-component copolymer
Mounting card
Galvanized sheet metal (275g/m2 density of the coating)

The main advantages of wall mounted cabinets NS-series:

  • High-quality materials
  • High-quality powder coating
  • Strong casing and doors are made of sheet steel with a thickness not less than 1.5 mm.
  • The front part of the casing forms a protective trench. When the door is opened it prevents the penetration of water and dirt into the cabinet
  • Easy for simple and quick installation of equipment
  • Implementation of individual requirements with keeping unchangeable high quality