SelaM LV switcboards are the product line of modern, reliable and functional low voltage switchboards developed and manufactured by S-Engineering LLC. SelaM LV switchboard corresponds to the strictest national and international standards.

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Product line of LV switchboard SelaM includes:

  • primary and secondary distribution boards (ГРЩ, РУ, РП, etc.)
  • power control boards for technological equipment (АЩСУ, ЩСУ, МСС, etc.)
  • protection and automation cabinets
  • PF correction
  • busbar bridge for interfacing with the power transformers and the shield sections

The main advantages of SelaM:

  • High reliability, easy of servicing and installation, maximum personal safety
  • Compactness and rational use of the installation surface area, through universal sizes of sections, high-density of assembly
  • Different levels of design decisions, determined the resistance to electric arc, earthquakes, shocks and vibration, depending on the operational conditions and environment
  • Each “SelaM” unit is assembled from modules. The modular design allows to adjust the installation flexibly to technical requirements changes
  • The adjustment to new operational conditions is performed by replacement or implementation of new modules
  • Quick change and capacity development of functional units
  • High degree of internal separation (up to 4b)
  • Possibility to apply components of leading local and European manufacturers; possibility of free configuration of functional blocks, and usage, if necessary, non-typical blocks under customer requirements
  • High degree of combinative possibilities allowing to perform almost any task

Technical characteristics of LV switchboard SelaM

Table 1.1. Main specifications

Parameter name
Up to 1000 AC or 1500 DC
Supply frequency, Hz
Grounding System Type
Design current, A
Before 5000
Rated short time withstand current, lcw, кA
Rated peak withstand current, lpk, кА, 1s
Up to 200
The number of sections and modules of distribution and control
It determines by electrical schematic and assignment to the manufacturing factory
IP degree of protection (GOST All-Union State Standard 14254)
Up to and including IP54
Equipment stability to earthquake load
9 points
Service life, not less, years
Environment temperature
-25 C to +40 C
Power painting colour of details *
RAL 7035, light gray (according to DIN4365)
Galvanized sheet metal
The material of the busbar system
Cu, AL

* - Application of other colors is possible by customers` request

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LV switchboard SelaM is manufactured in accordance with TU U 27.1-38549151-001: 2014, IEC 60439 and IEC 60439 DSTU.

Each unit of is tested according to the above mentioned standards.


Safety requirements

These switchboards correspond safety requirements for electrical protection class 1, the requirements of GOST All-Union State Standard, TU U 27.1-38549151-001: 2014, the requirements of IEC 60364-4-41, IEC 60364-3, IEC 60364-4-46, IEC 60364-4-46.

Earth terminals of the secondary winding instrument current and voltage transformers are labeled in accordance with GOST 21130, IEC 60445.

On the front and back sides (with a two-way service) there are signs of voltage according to GOST 12.4.026, ISO 3864-1.

Fire safety of LV switchgear is ensured by execution of GOST, IEC 60695-1-1, ISO 6309 requirements and technical conditions.


Materials and raw materials requirements

Metal construction of cabinets is made of sheet steel corresponding to EN 10131, EN 10143.

Vanish-and-paint and powder coatings conform the requirements of ISO 12944-5. Vanish-and-paint and powder polymer coatings of the outside surfaces conform the requirements of Class IV, the internal surfaces correspond the requirements of Class VI under GOST 9.032.

Metallic coatings correspond the requirements of GOST 9.303, EN 10327.

Input and output of electric cables is carried out through the bottom (top) hole in the body, excluding the insulation defect. The supply and connection of external conductors to the terminals are carried out according to the requirements of IEC 998-2-1-90.

All materials used in construction of LV switchboard are non-flammable and self-extinguishing.

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Control methods

Researches for testing LV switchboard characteristics under TU U 27.1-38549151-001: 2014 include:

  • type tests
  • acceptance checkout


Manufacturer's guaranty

The manufacturer guarantees the correspondence of LV switchboard to technical requirements of TU U 27.1-38549151-001: 2014 IEC 61439 and DSTU IEC 60439 in case of the subject to the conditions of transportation, storage, installation and operating instructions.

Guaranteed lifecycle comes up to 12 months from the date of startup operations, the extension of warranty is possible.