A unique project at the Azovstal metallurgical plant for the non-contact measurement of the length of hot-rolled (slab)

21 Apr 2021

The S-Engineering company has completed a new unique project at the Azovstal metallurgical plant for the non-contact measurement of the length of the hot strip (slab).

Our specialists have developed and installed a system for measuring the length of the slab in the flow. This happens without stopping the technological process and gives the operator the ability to quickly respond to the metal cutting process if the length of the measured slab differs from the specified one. In this case, the measurement accuracy is + -5 mm with a slab length of 10,000 mm. The equipment was installed in the transport and finishing department of the converter shop of the plant. For system creation, a non-contact laser mete was used for the length and production rate, a laser barrier, water flow and airflow sensors. In general, the set of sensors not only measures the slab length but also controls the operability of the measuring system itself.

Thus, thanks to the introduction of this system, the amount of usable metal during casting increases, and the percentage of scrap are reduced. One of the features of this project is the execution of work in the production flow: the coordination with the customer of the work schedule allowed us to carry out installation work with an accuracy of minutes.

S-Engineering has been cooperating with the Azovstal plant (part of the Metinvest group) since 2012. During this period, several projects have been completed. More details:

We also offer you to watch the video, which tells about the project for contactless measurement of the slab length: