An article by S-Engineering employees in a professional technical publication

An article by S-Engineering employees in a professional technical publication

07 Oct 2020

Significant experience in the implementation of projects in the field of industrial automation allows S-Engineering specialists to share an expert opinion with colleagues. Therefore, our employees were once again invited to act as authors of an article in a professional technical journal.

The new issue of the Chief Engineer Journal has published an article by Artyom Sorokin, Director of the S-Engineering Design Department, and Vladislav Shadurenko, Director of the S-Engineering Software Development Department. The topic of the article is: “Optimizing the management of technological processes: problems and implementation practice.”

The authors consider in the article a way to increase the economic efficiency of the process control system, and they do this in the original form of modelling a dialogue between a potential customer and a contractor of the modernization of the industrial automation system.

Describing the reasons for the difficulty of linking the theory of process control system to specific technological processes in the implementation of new control functions, Sorokin A. and Shadurenko V. summarize: “In practice, it is very important to prevent emergency shutdowns of the technological process and their very negative consequences. For this, the system provides for the interconnection of the functions of logic-program control and guarantee. Due to it, the forecasting of the moment of occurrence of an emergency situation is carried out, and if the control resources are insufficient for its timely elimination, the optimization system launches a proactive procedure for stopping the technological process, sharply reducing losses from the shutdown.”

This is the first part of an article about industrial automation systems in modern enterprises. The second part of this article, which will describe a practical example of a successful optimization of technological processes in the preparatory department of an oil extraction plant, will be published in the issue of the Journal of the Chief Engineer at the end of October.